Thursday, November 09, 2006

Where are my tunes?

This one-person office I’m holding down today has only a portable AM/FM radio- the kind with rabbit years, no CD or cassette player, & four stations: news-talk, Mexican polka, Bible reading, & dance/rap music. This has become a bit of a difficulty, because I always have music going when I work & I’m finding myself getting sleepy. Since the powers-that-be frown on my napping while we are open, I brought in all the CD’s I have in my car to play on the computer.
If someone were to look at this stack of music, they would think 4 or 5 different old people work here! So, since I didn’t post one last week, here is the current installment of my version of “Thirteen Thursday”

Thirteen Compact Disks on My Desk
1. Handel’s Largos: Various Artists
2. It’s Time: Michael Bublé
3. Nickel Creek: Nickel Creek
4. Ready for the Storm: Browne Sisters & George Cavanaugh
5. David Russell Plays Bach: David Russell
6. Bella Tuscany: Various Artists
7. Nights of Fire: Benise
8. Local Ground: Altan
9. Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle, Volume Two: Alastair Fraser, Natalie Hass, Muriel Johnstone
10. The Best of Narada: Flamenco Guitar: Various Artists
11. Celtic Woman: Various Artists
12. Tchaikovsky at Tea Time: Various Artists
13. One More Day: Diamond Rio

What are you listening to today?

1 comment:

nejyerf said...

that is the neatest list of music for work EVER!

i think i'm going to get that nickel creek CD for my sister.

you and she have a lot in common.

she loves folk music (she plays a fiddle) AND she's a huge knitter.

she raises sheer, has them sheared, spins the wool and then knits beautiful things with the wool. in particular. lovely, openwork shawls. and she makes her own patterns.

she doesn't do her own dyeing yet, but i'm sure that's coming.

i'm enamored with your felted bag.

i keep telling her she needs to do more felting.

i have lots of idesa for her. i always have great ideas that SHE has to execute!