Sunday, November 19, 2006

Didn't think it would happen

It’s official- I’ve done too much knitting.
I’ve been working on a Santa hat for Sam for the past 2 weeks. He bought one of those $3.00 cheapies at Wal-Mart last year; he wore it constantly from Thanksgiving until Christmas- he even slept with it on. He wore it so much that he had a pink-tinted ring around his blond hair. So, this year, he asked me to make him a nice hat- soft, warm, & preferably color-fast. I found a free pattern, brought some lovely dark red Cotton Chenille & ivory Splash eyelash yarn, & a pair of size 6 circular needles. This is a fairly dense yarn, being worked on smallish needles in the round- it is taking awhile. It’s the only thing I’ve been working on, since I wanted it ready for Thanksgiving, & my hands are tired. Very tired. My thumbs ache & my index fingers are sore from pushing the needle points. I need a break, but the deadline is looming- I’d like him to have it by Thursday, since he is doing all this work for Thanksgiving- so I keep plugging along.
Sam & I had a date night on Friday. We went to the high school football game- West won their league title last week, & were playing the first round of playoffs at home. We had a great time- we dressed in team colors, brought our clappers, had hot dogs & hot chocolate, & sat near the 50 yard line with the Boosters. What a great game! There was a great turn out on both sides & the teams were very well matched- it was a tight, tense game & every point was hard earned, but…We won 28-12! We yelled so much, I had a sore throat all weekend, & I know that’s when my hands started acting up, because when things were close & tense, I was knitting away on the hat.
Chris returns home tomorrow night from Orlando. He never did get together with Robb, since neither of them had off on the same days, & he didn’t do any exploring on his own, the turkey! I suggested (twice) that he should go up to St Augustine- it is such a wonderful town to wander around- but he just stayed at the lot. Oh, well- I guess he got plenty of rest, & we’ll just have to plan a family vacation to see the sites. I decided not to tell him about the new bed yet (since it won’t be here for 10 more days). I’m going to suggest that we finish up some things we wanted to do in the bedroom- paint one of the walls, complete & put in the headboard we started last spring- since we all have a long weekend (actually, Chris & Sam have Wednesday off as well) Then, when the bed is finally delivered, we’ll have a new, fresh room to go with it!

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Stefaneener said...

Hmmm. Let those hands rest as much as possible -- no housework for you! I hate overwork knitting that makes me sore. Good luck on the hat.