Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is the story of my life; practically every facet of my orderly little world either has, is, or is shortly going to undergo fairly radical change.
The best part is of all: I'm not freaked out in the least.
Really, I'm not; aside from an intermittent twitch in my right eyelid when I'm tired, I'm feeling pretty terrific.
We're enjoying getting to know our new hometown, 15 miles north-east of where we lived before, & feeling very comfortable with the change. We're settled into our home, aside from the guest/craft room~ it's still stacked in boxes, but not for long. I still smile when I tell people we finally bought a house; coming home has taken on a whole new meaning. Every day, I walk around touching my walls, look in the linen closet (enormous!), marvel at the empty cabinets & full pantry in the kitchen, just to assure myself that it isn't a dream. Bits of home improvement get done every week, including getting a bit of garden planted. I'm in no rush~ I want to do some soil improvement & planning before committing anything major into the ground. The patio is filled with planters, the front has a bed of geraniums & marigolds, & we put in tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash, & cantaloupes this past weekend.
My career has taken a new & exciting turn. The company that took over is much larger, with multiple locations, great benefits, & a central administration building in another town. I was officially transferred over to the accounting department on June 2nd & have spent the past month assisting with merger cleanup & taking on familiar, but expanded, duties in my new workplace. The commute is the same distance, just east instead of west, with the added benefit of being the opposite direction of the daily exodus to the Bay Area. It's in a mostly residential area, with a large park one block over, so several of the ladies head over there at lunch time to eat & take a walk. Most of all, I'm enjoying the challenge of the work & getting to know my new co-workers; nearly everyone already knew my name & have welcomed me warmly~ a good thing for me, since you know I'm pretty shy & have trouble making the first move.
Our family is also in major transition~ Mother & Stepdad are actually talking about retiring; my brother & his wife are in the adoption process to start their family; & my dear Robb has proposed to his Beloved, so next year, there is going to be a wedding! I knew for a quite a while that is was coming; when we'd talk, Robb could only focus on two subjects~ his search for a house, & how much Stacy meant to him~ within 6 months, it went from "If we ever get married..." to "When we get married..." Well, Robb closed on his first house 2 weeks after we did, moving in the same day, & Stacy has moved into the same area to finish her bachelor's degree, so I knew it was just a matter of time until the announcement. He called me 2 weeks ago, having given her a ring the previous weekend while on a trip to the Keys; he is so happy & excited about the next phase of his life.
Chris & I are planning a trip to Florida in November to meet Stacy & her family, plus have a little vacation time after the busy season; we'll probably even be spending time with my former husband & his new wife, dicussing our role in the coming nuptials.
Life is never dull!