Monday, March 30, 2009

It's been a while...

For Today...

Outside my window... Above are bright blue skies; below are blowing banks of white flower petals from the orchard across the road

I am thinking...
that our town must have a bull’s-eye hanging over it; we have had more than our share of trauma and tragedy lately- the infamous imprisonment & torture of a teenage boy, the death of another service man- the eighth soldier in less than seven years- followed 2 weeks later by the murder of Sgt Dunakin & his fellow officers, and now there is a missing 8-year old girl, last seen Friday night.

I am thankful...
that Chris is back to regular hours at work (for the time being) & still has work to do at the ranch for KJ- extra is always good

From the kitchen...
your guess is as good as mine; I made a trip to Costco last night, so there are plenty of supplies, just little inspiration

I am wearing...
my cool weather work uniform- grey slacks, black knit top, black loafers, & long grey/green cardigan

I am reading...
Lumby Bounty by Gail Fraser, The Marquis’s Secret by George MacDonald, & Miss Silver Comes to Stay by Patricia Wentworth

I am hoping...
that the authorities find the missing girl soon- alive and unharmed.

I am creating...
project samples for a knitting class I’ve been asked to teach- I sure hope they know what they’re getting into

I am hearing...
Classical music on the radio, and a crop dusters buzzing the fields up the road

Around the house...we are all suffering from spring allergies- even the cats are sneezing; new plants are starting to gather on the potting bench again, awaiting their bed assignments; I finally have a new shower faucet- the old one has been dripping for over a year- & my beloved Pfaff sewing machine made it back from the repair shop after a month.

One of my favorite things...
a leisurely walk at twilight with Chris- last night we saw several owls

A few plans for the rest of the week...
start addressing graduation invites and announcements- only 9 weeks left!; haircut on Wednesday- this warmer weather makes it grow twice as fast; Saturday, I’ll have to work in the morning, then a group of us is off to visit a new yarn shop in Modesto

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

one of many memorials along the highway on Friday- Chris took this driving into work just before the processions started.

Friday, March 27, 2009

In the Line of Duty

Our community is grieving not only for one of our own, but each of his fallen comrades and their families.

Sgt Mark Dunakin
Sgt Ervin Romans
Sgt Daniel Sakai
Officer John Hege

Oakland police funeral set for today

Monday, March 23, 2009

Great start to the work week...

I left the house a bit late this morning, locked both doors, loaded all my stuff into the car- purse, knitting bag, tote with my lunch/bills/book/assorted crap I carry around, briefcase with work I had brought home for the weekend (don't judge me!)- when I realized I'd left my brain function & morning perkiness, which masquerades as a large travel mug of hot tea, on the counter.

Instead of walking down the sidewalk, up the driveway & onto the porch, I cut across the lawn instead, to save a few seconds...& promptly stepped in a large pile of dog poop. Dog face

Fresh poop. Sick

And we don't have a dog.Baring teeth

Gotta love a Monday morning. Eye-rolling

Fortunately, the first email I opened- when I finally got to my office- was from my mother & included a link to this video; I've seen it before, but it was just the thing to balance the mood scales again Open-mouthed

Then of course, we have to have the Dad version

Enjoy your Monday!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saol fada chugat


From Our Home to Your's

Happy St Patrick's Day

"Long Life to You"

Friday, March 13, 2009

Look casual and don't make eye contact!

Psst! Psst!

I’m over here, behind the big rose bush.

Yes, I know it’s weird, but this is the only hiding place they haven’t been able to find.

Who are they? You know, the people at that place that necessity dictates I spend 40+ hours a week, doing my juggling act to keep the wheels turning.

Yes, those people, the ones that don’t understand the words “No, it’s time to go home!”

So let me fill you in before the guards are sent out to drag me back to my desk.

b   I had a great time at Stitches West; the Fair Isle tam course was well worth the cost- I picked up some new skills, cool short-cuts, & the desire to try more, & the instructor was wonderful- equal part informative, entertaining, & instructive. Friday afternoon I met up with my friend, did a little browsing thru the Marketplace, then checked into our room before heading down for a wonderful buffet dinner in the hotel restaurant & joining the scores of knitters taking over the bar & lobby. Saturday, we had a leisurely breakfast & checked out, before heading into the Marketplace at 10:00 am. I stuck to my resolve, only looking during my first complete walk-through, stopped for a break to watch the fashion show & rest my feet, met up with my Friday night knitting group for lunch, then back to the booths that held my treasures. I even stayed in budget, buying only 3 skeins of yarn, one pattern, a small Fibersphere, & some stitch markers!

b   Sam did make the Tennis team, earning the 1st varsity doubles rank & 6th overall, but his eligibility is a touch precarious, since he’s been lax about keeping up with his Algebra 2 homework (can we say “senoritis”?) & is currently failing. He has already played 3 pre-season matches, winning 3 out of 5, & will have his first regular season game on Tuesday. He’s still tired but has been (surprisingly) mature & sensible about his schedule- he spoke with his sensei & is taking a break from teaching karate (unless needed as a back-up) & will only run the sound for youth every other week until school is over (10 weeks & counting!)

b   Had a couple local adventures~ went back to Scottish country dancing class for the first time in over a year & was pleasantly surprised that I still have my muscle memory (if not my stamina, but that will return in time); had a girl’s night at a friend’s last Saturday- homemade potato soup, fresh bread, nibbles, sparkling cider, & - what else- knitting project show & tell; took a vacation day & went on the annual Garden Club nursery crawl- didn’t find much in the way of plants, but it was a gorgeous day outside- & you know what they say: “A bad day at the nursery is better than a good day at the office anytime!”

b   Lastly, a “God is in control” story: Chris had a staff meeting last Friday & his hours have been cut to 32 per week for a least a month, probably longer. This was somewhat unexpected, as they have had more work to get done before the season opens then they had time or people to complete it, but who ever said corporate is logical. Anyway, we currently have money in savings, which was earmarked for buying an older pickup (think big & cheap) as an extra vehicle for Sam to use & rate him on for car insurance purposes (both our cars are still being financed), but priorities are what they are. Here’s where it gets interesting: Saturday morning, we received a long overdue refund from our insurance company, which ended up being $200 more then we expected- the total was enough to cover the shortage for one month & set aside some money for Sam’s Senior Prom in April. Then, Sunday afternoon, just as we were heading out for a walk in the lovely Spring-like weather, Chris’ cell phone rang; it was KJ, the woman who owns the horse training facility & had hired Chris last spring to do various jobs on the property. He hadn’t heard from her since August, when he recommended some part-time laborers since he was too busy at work to help out anymore; she was calling to beg him to come back to do some work & supervising for her, as she was going back into the hospital for hip replacement surgery. He went out that afternoon, & says she has enough work to keep him busy one day a week for at least a month, maybe more- which will cover one more month of short hours. Wait~ it gets better! Our state income tax refund (the first we’ve had in 3 years) was finally released by the cash-strapped controller’s office yesterday- another month’s makeup money is in the bank!



They found me~ back to the grindstone.

Only 11 weeks until vacation.


Friday, March 06, 2009


by Becca~ drop by here to see the rules, since I'm buried :-(

Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC
July 2007
looking thru into the Rose Garden