Friday, July 29, 2011

Repost #1

Looking to get my Bloggy-Mojo back, after spending entirely too much time playing games on FB (blush), so here is a very early entry when I started blogging 5 long years ago!

“101 Things About Lil’ Old Me”
  1. I arrived in this world April 1963
  2. I was born in Austin, Texas
  3. My family are long-time Texans; Dad’s family arrived in 1840, Mother’s in 1665
  4. My older brother & I are the first generation to be raised outside of Texas
  5. My parents divorced when I was a year old
  6. Yes, it did effect my relationships with men
  7. Mother & I moved to California in 1965
  8. Dad & my brother moved to New Mexico
  9. I would like to visit Austin, since I have no memory of it
  10. The name I answer to is not meg
  11. meg is an acronym of my legal name
  12. I like my natural name- I just like the anonymity better
  13. I have 3 brothers & 2 sisters
  14. I’m the second oldest
  15. But everyone treats me like the oldest
  16. I was always a serious child
  17. My dad said I was born an old lady
  18. I’ve gotten younger as the years go by
  19. I have Chris to thank for that
  20. I’m really a shy person
  21. People laugh at me when I say that
  22. I’ve been known to talk the hind leg off a donkey
  23. But only around people I know
  24. I have a dry sense of humor
  25. I can also be very sarcastic
  26. I don’t think this is always a good thing
  27. But it is how I’m wired
  28. I grew up in Berkeley, with my mom, step-dad & 3 younger siblings
  29. No, we were not hippies
  30. I do remember the student riots & smell of tear gas
  31. We were rather well-to-do
  32. We children weren’t aware of this
  33. I was the only one of my siblings to go to public school
  34. My step-dad & I didn’t get along when I was growing up
  35. When I was 16, I moved to Kansas to live with my Dad & brother
  36. It was a good thing- I didn’t know my Dad very well
  37. I met my first husband 3 months after I moved to Kansas
  38. Yes- I’ve been married twice
  39. I met both my husbands in the same year- Chris in Feb & the other in Dec
  40. I got married when I was 19
  41. It wasn’t a bad marriage, just not a good one
  42. We had 2 children- Robb & Jessica
  43. My first husband is a nice man, but not the right one for me
  44. I was divorced a week before I turned 25
  45. I married Chris 4 months & 10 days later
  46. It was the biggest risk I’ve ever taken
  47. It was the best decision I ever made
  48. We lived with my mother-in-law for the first 18 months of our marriage
  49. Fortunately, I love my mother-in-law
  50. I raised my daughter & my ex-husband raised Robb
  51. It was the most difficult choice I ever made
  52. I still second guess myself about that decision
  53. Ultimately, I think it was the right one- Robb is a terrific man
  54. It took me 2 years to get pregnant with Sam
  55. I had a lot of problems during that pregnancy
  56. I gave birth- naturally- to a 10lb 1oz, 23 inch long baby
  57. We wanted another child, but the doctor didn’t think it would be a good idea
  58. I didn’t think it was such a good idea either
  59. I love my children, but sometimes I think I should have stuck to cats
  60. I have naturally curly hair
  61. It’s short, dark brown & liberally sprinkled w/white
  62. I made peace with my hair a long time ago
  63. I’m the shortest one in my family
  64. I’m the only fat one in my family
  65. I’m also the only one in my family without high cholesterol
  66. I love to dance
  67. I’m a pretty good dancer
  68. I love to sing
  69. I’m pretty good at that, too
  70. I studied French in grade school
  71. I studied Spanish in high school & college
  72. While I can understand a little French & Spanish, I speak only English
  73. This is one of my biggest regrets
  74. I have a math brain- I think in numbers & patterns
  75. My husband & daughter don’t understand this- they think I’m weird
  76. My sons do understand this- they think I’m cool
  77. I am intelligent & educated, but I don’t consider myself an intellectual
  78. I graduated with a 3.89 GPA
  79. I got A’s & B’s without too much effort
  80. I have a photographic memory
  81. But the lens is getting cloudy
  82. I enjoy learning
  83. I would like to finish a Bachelor’s degree, but I can wait
  84. I’ve always had an active imagination
  85. I entertain myself while walking with daydreams, mostly about winning the Lotto
  86. Since I rarely remember to play, I can only daydream
  87. My favorite color is green, but I rarely wear it
  88. My style is rather static- skirts, slacks, loose tops & flats
  89. My daughter thinks I look frumpy
  90. She’s probably right, but I like being comfortable
  91. I need to lose weight
  92. My ankles pop & crack every time I walk
  93. I have osteoarthritis
  94. I mostly ignore it, but it’s getting harder
  95. I really want to travel
  96. I am a born-again Christian
  97. I have been since I was 21
  98. I was raised in a family of atheists/agnostics
  99. My grandmother taught me about God

100. I’m the black sheep of the family

101. That’s okay with me