Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cat got your mouse?

Dahlia here; the staff has left this fun, blinking thing on & are occupied cleaning our commodes, so I’ve decided to let the world know what really goes on here in “meg’s garden” You know, life here is pretty good, even though I’m the youngest & have to be submissive to Princess Poppy (butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but I know for a fact she was the one who unwound the entire roll of paper towels last week) & the Queen Mum Daisy (I think she really likes me- she sniffed my butt yesterday & didn’t hit me at all) The staff is accommodating to our needs, besides the teeth brushing & nail clipping part, but the Mom Boss (you know, the short one with dark hair & the high voice) will be insubordinate, removing me from the kitchen counter & not letting me have first lick on the contents of her bowl.. The other two hairless ones are easily trained: I just open my eyes real wide, cock my head to the side, & give them one of my patented pathetic “meeuw?” & they do whatever I want- Boss Mom doesn’t buy it & squirts me with water!
Well, this week was just the limit! The Young One brought out my favorite toy- the box thing with the handle. I played in it happily all day, but when Boss Mom got home, I got the impression she wanted me to go into the box & stay there, so I high-tailed it upstairs to one of my many hiding spots. You should have heard the shocking language she used, while trying to find my current location- she even threatened to tie my tail in a knot if I didn’t show myself immediately! Unfortunately, my pretty little bell gave me away- she found me curled up inside the garment bag, under the skirt of her red ball gown- & I was un-ceremonially dumped into the box & taken out to the car. I hate the car. I let Boss Mom know I was displeased by yowling, but with the way my voice sounds, an indignant “Yowr!” comes out as “Aww?” & she just says “Aww?” back (for all their size, tools, & language, humans are not very bright!) She carried me into this building, which had a bunch of odd smells, loud voices, & strange cats wondering around, then took me into a room, & dumped me out of the box onto a metal table (will you make up your mind, please!) A woman I had never seen starts man-handling me, looking in my ears & mouth, mussing my fur & lifting my tail- & all this time, Boss Mom is just standing there, telling this woman how much I eat, where I sleep, even how much I poop (is nothing private?) Next thing I know, they are holding me down & the strange woman pokes both my hind legs with needles, then uses this air-popping thing on my thigh- scared me half to death- but I didn’t make a sound! She did say how brave & pretty I am, so I didn’t bite or hiss at her, but I was ready to get the heck out of Dodge, so back into the box I went. I was feeling a little woozy, so I didn’t say too much on the ride back to the house- when I climbed out of the box (again!) Poppy was there to give me sympathy & a good bath. You know, what ever that stuff was just put me off my stride for a full day- I didn’t shred any tissue paper, didn’t climb on top of the bird cage, didn’t even go digging into the treat drawer. I just wanted to sleep, but Boss Mom or the Big Man kept picking me up & asking if I was okay- like I said, they are not too bright.

I see Dahlia has been reading too much Rita Mae & Sneaky Pie Brown- thinks she is going to take over my blog! She was really a good girl at the vet, but she was behaving so out of character- quiet & stationary- I was a bit worried & kept waking her up to make sure she wasn’t in a coma. Twenty-four hours & regular doses of kitty treats saw her back to her normal Turbo self.
Wednesday evening was the Garden Club holiday party & I got the tote bag done just in time. Spouses were invited & we took rolls, butter, & chocolate chip cookies for the potluck dinner. After we ate, the ladies did the “Steal the Gift” exchange- my gift was wrapped plainly in a white box, so was almost the last one picked. I do have to say, it was very popular & was “stolen” several times, along with several other cool things. I ended up with a great set of chicken-themed gifts, including a timer that crows! Our hostess was disappointed when I stole it back from her, but the lady who brought it told me she had found it at a gift shop in Sutter Creek, so I’ll have to pick another one up for Jenn when we take our annual day trip up there in December.
Well, I have to go console Dahlia- her favorite person, Chris, left for Orlando for ten days & she is sitting in the front window, staring at his car, waiting for him to come inside. This trip came up suddenly- management asked him on Tuesday evening & he left Friday afternoon- but the overtime will definitely come in handy just before the holidays & our trip to New Mexico. Of course, with Chris gone I can get some serious holiday knitting done, but I need to put another blanket on the bed since he is my human space heater, & the weather has turned rather chilly.

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C.C. said...

Cute post.

Sutter Creek - I frequent that town once in a while. I have family in Amador (they used to live in Sutter Creek) and I love the shops there. Have fun when you go.