Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Having my first "At Home" day

Woke up to pouring rain & a very upset tummy, so I decided to take some of my soon-to-be lost sick time to spend a day alone in my house.
Well, not exactly alone~ the girls are with me, playing "Nurse Kitty" & doing their level best to keep me in my chair.
The move is done, the unpacking is coming along slowly, and we'll be done cleaning up our rental in the next couple days; all that is left is painting the kitchen, bathrooms, & laundry area, cleaning the carpets, repairing some sheetrock in the garage, & attempting to re-mortar some brick facing that Jessica crashed into several years ago. No, we're not required to do all this, but we want to leave the duplex in the best condition we can, both out of respect to the owners & to our 15 years of memories in this home.
The garden has been saying goodbye, putting on a show full of colorful blooms, green grass, fully~leaved tree, & carrots ready to pick. I'll be sad to let it go, especially since we won't be concentrating on the new yard until next year, but I've learned alot over the years & know which direction I want to go forward. For now, we're back to container plants & minimum maintenance while we fix up the inside.
Okay, back to my chair & kintting~ need to get a couple more hats completed by May 1st to sell in our Relay for Life team booth.

Friday, April 09, 2010

It's Time!!!

Moving Weekend has arrived~ Yippee!
Am I all packed?
Not yet.
But I don't care~ I'll be sleeping in my own house by Sunday.
You can't see it, but there is a lot of Happy Dancing going on!