Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hello again...

Hope you each had a wonderful holiday season; once again, mine was calm, quiet, & understated (almost minimalist~ only a wreath on the door & the pre-lit tree with trimmed with a few bows & the Christmas cards we received). The gifts were practical~ gift cards all around, gas grill parts, a passenger side mirror housing, & Sam’s pocket-watch~ and the day relaxed; the guys picked up Jessica, then we went to the movies (Sherlock Holmes) & then out for Thai food. That’s right~ I did not cook. Just haven’t been in the mood.

This is vacation week for us & we decided to stay home again this year. We’ve been alternating between lazy days around the house, & some little day trips; Monday, we went to the newly opened Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, then did some exploring around the Presidio park, stopping at the National Cemetery, a couple of the former weapon batteries, & finishing at Inspiration Point before heading home for warm showers & hot soup (‘twas a tad chilly!)





Tomorrow, we’re going up as high in the mountains as we can get without snow chains (the PT Cruiser doesn’t have a set) to do some hiking & get our annual fill of snow; Saturday, we’re reuniting Jessica & her cat in San Jose, then possibly heading for the coast~ depends on what mood strikes.

Life toddles on along here much as always, but there are changes on the horizon which I am doing my best not to stress over. Actually, it has been fairly simple~ there is nothing I can do about any of it, so I have mentally put in a basket & handed over to the Father. He’s taken care of us from the beginning & I trust Him to continue to do so, but you know that every so often, I take one of those problems out, look at it from every side from least damage to worst case, until God brings me again to the realization that whatever the outcome, we will be all right & I can drop it back into the basket.

You all have a safe & blessed New Year’s celebration; I look forward to the adventures in store for us all in 2010.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Wishes

Blessings from our home

to your family

May you find Joy in all things

Love from Meg's Garden

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Came across a great holiday game & giveaway; drop by & check it out, especially if you are a quilter or love someone who does!
Off to a cookie/gift exchange & knitting party~ promise I will be back by to post again soon.