Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer wanes...

Goodness~ has it really been that long since I last posted?

Wish I could say it’s because I’ve been off having fascinating adventures, but the reality is that I’ve been butt lazy this summer! The new job, while interesting and challenging, leaves me mentally drained by the end of the day; most evenings find me indulging in frivolous recreation. I tend my virtual farm, dig for pirate treasure, queue up some old movies, or simply sprawl about in my pleasantly cool bedroom reading light mysteries.



With the waning of summer comes an end to most of our indolence and idleness; Sam started classes last week and has been making the most of his bicycle and bus pass, since he just completed another rite of passage into the adult world~ a speeding ticket. Driving privileges have been suspended until several criteria are met:

1.      Makes his court appearance

2.    Pays us back for the ticket and driving school

3.    Replaces the car key that he lost on a fishing trip with his friends last month

4.    Begins to pay 1/3 of the car insurance and his own gas


Knowing that his mother is a hard case and doesn’t back down on her edicts, he got very motivated and even more lucky, landing himself his first job after 3 years of “casual” looking. He will be doing security at one of the retailers in our old hometown mall; it’s the job he’s been hoping for, since his intention is to go into law enforcement.

We’ve recently been attending a church closer to home, wanting to get to know people in the area and plug into the local ministries, although TCC remains our church home. One of the ministries that this church recently initiated was a community garden, something Chris and I have talked about for a number of years. Phase One is family and charity plots, tended by individuals for the benefit of their own homes or others who are physically unable to participate themselves; Phase Two will be community fruit and nut trees, and a meditation garden to be tended by everyone; and Phase Three is a large area (roughly 2 acres) dedicated to producing crops for the local food bank. We leased a 12X12 family plot, and Chris has been having a great time building the beds and planning the late season garden.

My latest endeavor has been some informal knitting classes for a couple co-workers and their friends. We’ve only met a couple times so far, but I’m enjoying teaching and have been writing up future lesson plans and projects to help them progress in the craft if they choose. I’m finding it difficult to get together with my old knitting group on Friday evenings, since I don’t get off until 5:30 pm and it’s at least a 40 minute drive back to Tracy, so this is somewhat filling the social void.

Lastly, let me introduce our newest family member~

Sir Angus of Lower ChickenButt



More about this charming gentleman later~