Monday, May 17, 2010

May has always been good...

Things are finally settling down around the Garden~ surrounded still by boxes, but now furniture outnumbers them ever so slightly.

Work is still in a state of limbo; while the official transfer took place April 27th, the consolidation & name change will happen June 1st. Praise God, everyone has been offered a position, & I’m waiting to find out when I’ll be moving on to the central accounting department in another town.

You might recall that we took a little trip a couple months ago; if not, don’t feel bad~ I’m having trouble remembering myself :-S I have a few photos to share:


 First objective~ the aborted visit to the Washington Monument


 A gorgeous nearly-Spring day~ 75 degrees & clear


 Chris & Ranger Ruth checking in with his Mom




 Smithsonian Castle


 I truely covet this seed catalouge


 The things that facinate me at the National Museum of American History





 The White House



From DC, we took the train to Richmond, Virginia


A day at Colonial Williamsburg





A cloudy day at Monticello





 A very rare photo~ how did he get my camera?


Another day, another house museum~ Maymount in Richmond 








The only mishap worth mentioning was not mine~ after we arrived at our hotel in Arlington & were ready to head out to the Mall, Chris realized his wallet was missing. We had take a red-eye flight with a two hour lay-over in Atlanta, stopped at the airport McD's to eat before taking the shuttle, & the last time he remembered having it was when we boarded the plane in San Jose! The hotel staff jumped right in, calling the shuttle driver back to get us, & airport security to meet us~ he would have to file a police report in order to get a temporary id just to fly home (forget about picking up our rental car in Richmond~ rented in his name only, with non-refundable payment already made *grrr*)

Well, Chris has to be the luckiest freaking man on the face of the Earth~ ten minutes after we arrived back at the airport, while filling out paperwork, the arrival gate called saying that they had his wallet! I never heard where it was located (maybe still on the plane) & was allowed to go back into the boarding area to get it, thanking everyone profusely for saving my husband's vacation~ poor guy was not looking forward to a week with me after that sort of expensive diaster :-P