Sunday, November 26, 2006

Holiday Musings

Hi, Kids! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, with lots of food, family & friend. Ours was necessarily low keyed- I’ve been knocked down by a bad cold & have been home, mostly in bed, since Monday night. This is how bad it’s been: I haven’t picked up a book all week!
Now, to the part everyone is itching to hear. As you may know, Sam, my 15 year old son, asked to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the family this year. While he has taken his turn in the kitchen for a couple of years & is taking Home Ec this year, this was his first major culinary undertaking. He made turkey, apple/sage dressing, sweet potato casserole, broccoli with cheese sauce, cheddar biscuits, & pumpkin pie. The verdict……excellent! He spread out the cooking over two days & timed everything just right for dinner at 3:00 pm. Our daughter decided to come over before going to my brother’s house in Oakland, so we had the family together for the first time since May. Oh, and I did get Sam’s hat done by Wednesday night, so he wore it all day.
Friday found us all sleeping in until 9:00- a rare treat! Actually, I woke up at 4:30 with a coughing fit & couldn’t go back to sleep; I sat up watching TV & briefly considered hitting Best Buy for a MP3 player for Sam, but reason prevailed & I headed back to bed for a while. Once we all got moving & fed, Chris & I went over to OSH for some painting supplies & the boys finished painting our bedroom! We had already covered the walls with a pale spring green several months ago; I wanted one wall, behind our bed, a few shades darker, so that is what the boys did. It came out a little darker then I wanted originally, but it turned out nicely- once the headboard goes in & we hang a tapestry on the wall, it will highlight the area well. We looked around for years for a headboard we liked, but could never find one that we agreed on or afford. So, last spring, after 11 years of no headboard, I bought a large sheet of ½ inch plywood, had Chris round off the corners, with the intention of covering it with batting & fabric. While the boys painted, I sewed the fabric cover & glued the batting on the board. Unfortunately, Chris had taken his staple gun to work, so I couldn’t get it finished this weekend, but it will be done by Thursday (when the bed is suppose to arrive)
The weather has been beautiful, clear, & cool, so Chris & I spent Saturday together, driving up to Placerville, in the Sierra foothills. We drove around Apple Hill, stopping at a couple of orchards & tree farms, then went into town to have lunch. We stopped at this little bakery, Sweetie Pie Pantry, where I had quiche & Chris had homemade clam chowder. We strolled around the historic downtown, poking around shops, & watching the stagecoach take kids on rides up & down the street. I found a lined hooded fleece jacket for Sam in the Army surplus store, & a watercolor print for me. We drove home around 5:30, watching the sun set into the clouds to the west & listening to “The Thistle & Shamrock” & “A Prairie Home Companion” on PBS radio- very sweet & relaxing.
Today was my Sunday to lead worship, so I headed out early, sang both services, then went back home to bed- I guess I’m not quite well yet. The boys went off to the mall this afternoon to buy shoes & to go to the new James Bond movie, so I’ve had the house to myself. I think I’ll go fix a turkey & cranberry sandwich, have some Glögg & wine, & do a little knitting- my hands are much better, thank you.


Stefaneener said...

That sounds (except for the being sick part) like an incredible idyll. Good for Sam! Apples! Placerville! Time alone with spouse! The Santa Hat is GREAT. A worthy project to sacrifice your (now better) hands to.

(Oh, hey, do you know Hangtown well enough to give me directions to a city park I found once there with the kids and have no idea where it is now? Let me know if you do!)

sewingsuzee said...

Love the hat!

Congratulations to Sam (and the people who got to eat!)

I love Placerville! Especially this time of year...all almost-wintery.

Hope you're recovering quickly.

Charity said...

Sounds like a nice holiday, even if you were sick. What a treat to have dinner all made for you!

Get better soon, and let yourself rest! :0)