Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What I am Thankful for

Thanksgiving Thirteen Thursday

1. The gift of salvation given freely by my loving, heavenly Father
2. My husband- devoted, patient, hardworking, silly, affectionate, he is the other part of me
3. That my Robb has become such an awesome man
4. That my Jessica is back in school & starting to find her way
5. That my Sam is still willing to kiss me in public
6. For the companionship & unconditional love of our feline children
7. A place to call home- a retreat & shelter from the harshness of the world
8. That both of us are able to work, to provide the needs & a few of the wants
9. Having a job, close to home, where I am needed & valued
10. Having my health restored, after so many months of pain
11. The freedom to express my creativity, in whatever form the Spirit strikes
12. Our church family, who holds us up in every way
13. My new blog friends, who lift me, challenge me, & give me a safe place to be myself, warts & all

Here is my prayer for each of you to have a blessed Thanksgiving, filled with contentment, affection, & gratitude.


Charity said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Meg! :0)

Tulabell said...

What an awesome list! I'll bet you had a lovely Thanksgiving and I can't wait to hear about it!