Friday, May 02, 2008

Singing along with the radio

One of my regular blog-wandering spots is Junie Moon, a lovely woman with a large heart. I am often inspired & challenged by June’s posts; she is a fount of creative energy & regularly spotlights ways to put feet on your ideals- in just the past 10 ten days, she’s been involved with Special Olympics fundraising, shared her creations for a swap, tried a new sewing technique, salvaged some patio furniture, & offered a booklet of recipes for natural cleaning supplies.

During my visit today, I read about an opportunity to help those in need (a regular occurrence at June’s) in a way nearly every one of us can accomplish. The Peace T-shirt Project is being sponsored by Africankelli; if you are anything like me (a frugal Scot, who hates to see waste), somewhere in the house there is a stack of practically new t-shirts that have been outgrown, waiting to be taken to Goodwill. This weekend, I’ll be choosing a couple, possibly decorating them with some simple designs, & then forward them on to Kelli; she will pack them in her suitcase to give away while in Nicaragua & Mozambique.

Will any one else be honest enough to admit that you were first introduced to opera by… Mel Blanc?

To this day, I cannot listen to Wagner’s Tannhauser Overture with out hearing the immortal duet of Bugs & Elmer, singing:

“Return my wuv, a wonging burns deep inside me;

Reetwion, my luv, I want you always be-eside me;

A wuv like ours mu-ust be;

Made for you & for meeee;

Return, won’t you return my love, for my love is yours!”

Hope you each have a wonderful weekend; tomorrow, I’ll be working for a couple hours to finish my month end close reconciliations, then over to the opening of the Farmers’ Market & Cost*co for basics. Sunday is the Michael Bublé concert (which Sam doesn’t know about), so we’ll make an afternoon of it in Sacramento- shopping, dinner, & then some great music!


Dory said...

First off... I am totally jealous about the concert! I love him.... listen to his CD all the time!

Now, on the heels of admitting my fine musical taste - I also confess: I too think of Bugs & Elmer when I hear certain tunes as well. LOL
Actually, when my dad and I used his equipment to make a video of our wedding photographs, we overlaid it to music in the background, using several Bugs insprired tunes - NONE of which I can actually NAME though!

Junie Moon said...

I am so glad you're going to participate in Kelli's Peace T-shirt Project. Thank you for the kind words you said about me and my blog.

The "connection" between Wagner’s Tannhauser Overture and Bugs/Elmer never occurred to me before--but you're so right. What a hoot!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

"Now dat's culture!" *said in my best Bug's Bunny impersonation*