Friday, May 16, 2008



more cat pictures


  Chris made it home last night- but not until 8:15 pm & he didn't call either, so I was beginning to wonder Confused; the ribs didn't make until dawn Thursday, but I had more asparagus & stashed some crab in the vegetable drawer (leftovers & teenaged boys don't co-exist) Tongue out ; & Chris also thought he was coming home on Wednesday (he usually comes back on the same day of the week he left)- he was freaking out when the shuttle didn't come to get him & as he was calling, he looked at his itinerary for the confirmation number & realized it was the wrong day Open-mouthed



more cat pictures


She'sSewPretty said...

Blame the senior moment on the heat. Who can think straight with these temperatures!? 101° today! Yuck!

Shannon said...

HI Meg,
Random ? but how did you change the comments to sprouts? I'd love to change mine but don't know how! :(

Lisa said...

Schedules, schedules. I've never understood how you keep up with yours. ;) (The ribs sound delicious though!)