Friday, March 28, 2008

Organized Knitting Club-March Challenge

Over at Ravelry (see sidebar button), I’ve joined a group of crafters dedicated to bringing order into our lives, which dovetails well into my Simple Abundance journey. Each month, they issue a challenge to tackle some part of our chaos; this month I chose to deal with my workspace. I need to be very structured in my work routine (I am an accounting specialist for a financial institution, with numerous recurring deadlines) & have normally kept my desk area almost hermetically sealed. But after the “powers that be” decided to move our department to another location four miles away, I lost the majority of my storage & have been working out of boxes for 3 months, as well as trekking back & forth from another closet area for my binders & journals.

With the arrival of the large lateral file I requested 4 1/2 months ago, I was able to finally congregate all my files, binders, records, & personal items. This also allowed me to clear off the counter, which had become a dumping ground for assorted equipment & supplies. I picked up a small shelving unit for the paper supplies I need to keep handy, which are normally kept in another part of the office. All that is left is to find a pleasant looking basket- something reflecting my tastes- to hold the multitude of bags I carry everyday: lunch tote, knitting bag, mailbag.

My hope now is that when I return to work next week, I’ll find my area the way I left it, so I can begin dealing with the disarray in the break room. One question though- how in the world did I end up as office manager?

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Dana said...

Wow! I am impressed...