Monday, March 31, 2008

Grey, round, about the size of a golfball...

Oh, my!

Has it really been a week since I last posted?

It hasn’t been due to vacation or general laziness, really.

No, this is the real culprit:


 Washington DC 2008 248  Washington DC 2008 251


Pretty, isn’t it? Chris has taken to calling me TC- for Technicolor K. You know what else? I didn't even hit my elbow when I fell; I stepped on the rock & pitched forward, landing on one knee & my hands- my face was protected because I had my sling backpack in front of me (I was trying to fish out my camera). I didn't even hit that hard, but it was just enough to pop out the left elbow.  

When Chris went to the desk to get an ice bag, the staff leaped into action, arranging for a doctor to come to the hotel & sending up a huge basket of fruit, Rondele cheese, crackers, & a bottle of Shiraz. The doctor said my elbow most likely wasn’t broken, but only x-rays would tell for certain; since I didn’t want to spend several hours at an emergency room “just in case”, he wrapped it well, left a prescription for pain medication & instructions to see my personal physician when I got home.

Fortunately, a little incident like being mugged by a rock didn’t keep us from enjoying the rest of our stay in DC. We did drive over to the Jefferson & FDR Memorials that evening, walking around taking some evening shots, then went for BBQ & ice cream.

Wednesday was an absolutely gorgeous day. I was up early again (having not slept particularly well) to get a spot in line for a tour of the Capital- this worked out much better than the previous day J; afterwards, we went to the National Botanic Garden (right across the street) & down the road to the Air & Space Museum for the rest of the afternoon. We had dinner at an Italian place near the hotel, and then settled in for a long soak & a movie on TV.

We headed home on Thursday; it was another long day, with 2 delayed flights- we arrived at the house after 1:00 am (3 ½ hours late), much to the surprise & delight of the cats. It was a struggle to get to sleep, since all three of them were up on the beds, trying to get as close as possible, & Dahlia kept waking me up by tickling my face with her whiskers.

I’ve seen my doctor & had x-rays- everything is fine, just ugly looking. We had a wonderfully lazy weekend; Sam spent the night with a friend & OD’d on video games, while Chris worked in the yard, mowing & planting, & I held down my recliner in the living room. Just in case you were wondering- yes, I can knit, albeit a little slowly & gingerly.

The guys went back to the grind this morning- I’ll be off a couple more days until the swelling goes down a bit more & I regain some range of motion. Although I’m right-handed, I found I use my left hand more than I thought- typing has been a challenge & there won’t be any lifting for a while- but I plan on going in Wednesday, if only to direct traffic while others fetch & carry for me.

Hmmm~ I think I could get use to that.



Charity said...

Yikes, look at that bruise! TC is right! I'm glad you were so well taken care of. :0)

Lisa said...

O, yes, please get used to that! You need some tlc right now - that could be one of the worse bruises I've seen! (Take my word, considering my profession, that's saying quite a bit!) Thanks for the wonderful thoughts, Meg. I have to admit, I feel just so much more lighter, and happier and so much more ... like me!

Knitting Mummy said...

Hi That looks really nasty. Hope you are feeling ok. I posted your letter today.:-)

She'sSewPretty said...

Ouch!! That looks painful! I hope it feels better soon!

Amy said...

OK, so when you know you've become a real blogger? When you actually find yourself taking pictures and saying this will be great on my blog. Love it!!

Sorry about your arm, that doesn't look like so much fun. Although your trip sounds absolutely fabulous! Did you wave at me when you went over Indiana? LOL

Take care,

Carrie said...

Yikes!!! That looks reeeeeeeeeally painful. I'll pray that it heals quickly. You just take it easy!
God bless :)

Dana said...

Wow, it's so pretty! I am cringing at all the colors...

Glad you can knit still, that will help you spend time holding down the recliner.

Okay, just looked at it again.


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

What a colorful "souvenir"--glad you're okay and were able to enjoy the trip in spite of the accident.
Stay well!

Tulabell said...

Owwwweeee! I hope you are feeling better. Sorry I don't sneak a peek here more often than I used to. I really miss all my daily blogging. Thank you for not giving up on me!

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

What a trooper finishing out the trip! I would have never had the positive attitude you did! Thanks for visiting my blog, and I really hope you feel better!

Rhondi said...

Oh my goodness. You really did some damage there! I guess I haven't stopped by for awhile. By now you are probably starting to heal. Hope you are taking it easy and looking after yourself.
Rhondi xo