Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bits & Pieces of meg...

Okay~ I’m back; my battery finally ran down & I’m taking an evening off to catch up with you all. Since I don’t have a common thread (beyond it all being part of my strange & wonderful existence) let’s take a little Bullet Tour of the Garden.

ä       The House to House dinner went smoothly; I didn’t have a theme for this round, only because I only had five days notice that the dinner would be at our house & I couldn’t come up with anything original (or even unoriginal- I was more concerned with cleaning the living room.) I picked up a Spiral Cut Ham at Cost*co (don’t you just love heat & eat?), some fresh asparagus, made an Angel Food cake (boxed mix- way too simple) with fresh strawberries, & Sam made tray of veggies with dip; the others brought sweet potatoes, green beans, & a salad. After a quick tour of the last of my winter garden, everyone settled in at the table to chat, & nary a snarky remark was heard (other then the requisite “I don’t really like ham, but this is very good”) - I was even complimented on my iced tea (Casablanca Twist- green tea with peppermint- from if you would like a $5.00 gift certificate, send me a message with your email & I can send you one) Guests were gone by 8:00 & we settled in to watch 2 episodes of Monarch of the Glen

H       Sunday found Sam & I in Livermore bright & early (considering the dreaded end of Daylight Savings Time, it felt like the butt crack of dawn- have I mentioned I hate the end of Daylight Savings?) as he had an Iron Body training session with a senior sensei. I don’t go in to watch- who wants to see someone pounding your kid with sandbags & said kid punch hard stuff repeatedly- so I read the paper in the car & did a little knitting. Afterward, we drove over to Ravenswood for the afternoon; fortunately, another docent volunteered to come in, so I wasn’t on my own. It was a good thing, as we were hopping for 3 hours & even Sam pitched in by entertaining people waiting on the porch for the next tour. We were so hungry by 4:00, we stopped off at the first restaurant we came to & pigged out on sushi & tempura.

*      I did get my letter done- last night. I was surprised how dependent I’ve become on my word processor; handwriting took forever, because I had to really think before I committed anything to ink & paper. If this correspondence continues, my pen pal will have to settle for a type-written epistle.

{         Today was the first Garden Club meeting of the New Year; as is our tradition, today was a field trip to a couple local nurseries to restock our gardens, followed by lunch & scheduling the programs for the year. I took a float day & came home with some veggies- lemon cucumbers, zucchini, crooked neck squash, & two tomatoes- & several new flowers for both the front bed & my hanging baskets. I also elected to do the July program this year, which will be hosted at another woman’s house; I’m thinking of a presentation on “Pets & Plants”, focusing on beneficial plants to grow for your furry companions. I’ll have to start some research soon; moreover, I’m really going to have to commit to getting the stuff in the ground ASAP, since we are leaving next Friday for Washington DC.

ö       Speaking of pets & trips, Chris really came through on his vacation assignment- finding someone to take care of the girls while we’re away. Turns out, a friend of ours from church (the wife of our board president & leader of our home fellowship group) has been doing pet sitting for a year now. She is a contractor for a national firm, which means she’s insured & bonded, but more importantly, we know her personally & are comfortable with her being in our house. She came by last night to do the paperwork & be briefed on the girls’ routine- I gave her a lesson on giving Daisy her injections & she’s meeting with our vet to get a little more practice. She lives only a few blocks from us, so coming by twice a day to feed, scoop, & generally play with the girls, won’t be a hassle.


Alright, I need to get back to my recliner; I have a cabled beret calling out to be completed before we leave & I’m a quarter of the way done. Ta-ta!

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emily said...

Hello! I just dropped in to say thank you so much for the scarf yo made me for the Miss Marple swap, it's just perfect! Will be thanking you on the blog to and post pics as soon s I get a new usb cable... Emily x