Friday, December 28, 2007

It's all winding down

I really need to look into becoming independently wealthy, since that nasty little evil known as a “job” is seriously interfering with my blogging time.

Christmas Eve was my first day back from vacation; I spent it all alone in the office, trying to make sense of the stacks of paper on my desk & the scores of sticky notes everywhere (my boss & so-called backup is on vacation this week). I threw in the towel at 1:30 (we close the offices early on Christmas Eve) & hightailed it to the comforts of home. Chris had baked some cookies, so I started a crock-pot of spiced cider, partly to drink, but mostly to add to the ambience. All three of us have been waiting to see the new National Treasure movie, so we ventured out with illicit snacks (cookies & popcorn, artfully concealed in Chris’ jacket) & warm coats to the theatre (it is always like thermonuclear winter in that place!) The film was great fun, & afterwards, we went to the bookstore for some browsing, then out for dinner at Chili’s.

Christmas was quiet & uneventful- just what the doctor ordered. Sam scored big, with an MP3 player, half a dozen gift cards, & his letterman’s jacket; I received gift certificates to the local yarn store & Chris got a substantial gift card to Sear’s- his second favorite place in the world. We stayed home (other then the guys doing a battery-run to the drug store), watching the Monk Holiday marathon, napping, starting on a puzzle I received as a gift, & feasting on leg of lamb, sweet potatoes, salad & broccoli from our garden, & a pecan pie. Ahhh.

I’m back to logging late hours at work, attempting to restore my balance & routine; I expect this to continue into the foreseeable future, much to my chagrin. One side benefit of this (besides the overtime): I finally getting some knitting done; since I’m bone tired at the end of the day, I land in my recliner chair to rest my wonky foot & pick up the needles. I’ve finished 2 pairs of fingerless gloves,

Winter 2007 077

a pair of toddler’s mittens,

Winter 2007 076

Winter 2007 075

& a lovely wool/alpaca/cotton scarf;

AlpacaMerino Scarf 002

AlpacaMerino Scarf 003

I finally cast on for the bandages that I’ll be sending off to Junie Moon next month, & have started my project for my next “Read & Knit Along” on Ravelry. I’m in a group that will be reading Jane Austen’s Emma & creating items with a “Made for Each Other” theme- things that come in pairs; I’m going to make mittens- one pair for me & another for Chris, since we, too, are made for each other.

Okay, all together now...


Enough sugar for now; let me leave you with a bit of spice- have a great weekend!

Cat Haiku

(author unknown)


I don't mind being
Teased, any more than you mind
A skin graft or two.
Cat face



Becca said...

Busy, busy, and so crafty too! I like the Haiku, too! Hey I rhymed!


Dana said...

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

You know, I always say after my vacation I need a vacation...When I get back to the office I am always a bit out of sorts for several days. By the time I am back into the swing of it, I want back out! :)

(Oh, and if you find the secret to becoming independently wealthy, pass it on!)

Mrs. Staggs said...

Happy New Year Meg!

Thank you for being such a nice friend to Merryville. It's been a pleasure!

I wish you and yours much happiness in the coming year.

All the best!