Friday, December 07, 2007

Big Family Party

Okay~ I figure if I take one thing at a time, I may be able to bring you all up to speed on the roller coaster ride that is my life Smile

This has been a big year for the B family. As I mentioned in January, my mother & step-dad marked the 40th anniversary of their marriage; it was a non-event, not even a dinner out. Within the next 10 weeks, they each reached their 70th birthdays; another a non-event for the masters of denial (Mother will still only admit to being "near 50"- & she has three adult grandchildren Eye-rolling) Of course, you remember that in July, their oldest child, my brother D, married his lovely bride W, in Whistler, British Colombia attended by immediate family & a few friends. And then in September, their youngest child, my "baby" brother B, passed his 30th birthday & entered adulthood (at least by this family's standards) by moving out on his own.

My sister, H, has been here from Kauai since September, working "the harvests" up north to earn money to live on for the next couple of years. She was heading back December 1st, so our parents decided it was time to celebrate the "Big Year" & threw a big party. It was an Open House, that lasted more then 8 hours; people I haven't seen in years wandered through, sharing stories, pictures, & lots of wine.

Fall 2007 072

Celebration Cake- Lemon, Carrot Cake, Chocolate, & Raspberry

Fall 2007 079

Mother & M congratulate each other for no felony convictions

Fall 2007 080

Setting out the spread (Salmon, Veggie & Humus, Antipasta, Bruchetta, Pasta Salad)

Fall 2007 082

Sushi Selections

Fall 2007 087

Sister H, Mother, Aunt E, & honorary auntie G

Fall 2007 085

Yes, it is really me

Fall 2007 074

My Guys, making plans

Fall 2007 089

It's pretty late at this point- we're all looking stunned

Fall 2007 090

The B Family Kids: L to R- David, Wendy, Ben, Holly, Angie (Ben's GF) & Big Sis meg

And finally, the view caught on the way home

Fall 2007 096



Becca said...

What a great celebration! Hope that a good time was had by all!

Dana said...

Congrats on all the happenings & what a good looking family!

Love the view from your side of the world...

She'sSewPretty said...

Wow Meg, you're mom looks great for her close to 50 age! LOL I loved seeing the pic of you too. You are as pretty as your mom.