Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Giving it up- kindness, that is

There is a lovely trend flowing through Blogland these days; people are looking for ways to spread comfort & cheer to others, & I've been fortunate enough to be included.

First of all, through my friend Mrs. Stagg at A Happy Miscellany I met Junie Moon; Junie has formed "Junie Moon's Bandage Brigade" with the expressed purpose of knitting (or crocheting) bandages for leprosy patients in Africa & Vietnam. Drop by her blog & check out some of the links; it is so sad how dreadfully these people are mistreated & abandoned by all but the kindest of hearts. Please consider breaking out your rusty needles to knit a strip of comfort.

Junie Moon Bandage Brigade

Then, I dropped by Guinevere's this afternoon & she is joining in "Pay it Forward"- here's what she wrote:

"Ok.  Here's how it works:

The first three to leave me a comment wanting to be a part of this 'Pay It Forward' project will receive a small gift from me in the mail...maybe even in time for Christmas!

The only catch is you have to Pay It Forward, meaning you post this same information on your own blog and do what I'm doing.

Thanks, Becca, for letting me in on a very cool idea!

So, Pay It Forward!"

So, if you would like to receive a little something from the Garden & are willing to return the favor to your visitors, be one of the first three to say "Me, please!" & I'll hope right on it...after Christmas Wink 


 Addendum 11:18 pm-

Good Grief! There are days I would like to hang up my apron & turn in my "Mother" badge. I just got off the phone with Robb, my oldest child, who gave me "Skydiving News" [what we call it when he does something he knows I think is dangerous &/or insane, & tells me about it afterwards- like skydiving- which he has done :-S ] He broke his left clavicle Sunday night & figured he'd better tell me before someone else did. He had just finished a test run at the track [have I mentioned that he drag races motorcycles? No? Well, he drag races motorcycles- yes, you are actually seeing my hair turn white as I type] & was pulling into the pits when he has clipped by a truck pulling in off an access road. The good news is that he was at the track, so he was in full protective gear & there were paramedics on site; thanks to the gear, he only suffered a sprained ankle & the broken collarbone.

Physically he is fine, though frustrated with having to moderate his activities & accept help for the time being; he is just worried about whether he'll be able to work while he heals. The doctor has approved light duty, so Robb is going in tomorrow to see if they will be able to accomodate him; if not, he have to go on disability for a few weeks (4 to 6) & make up the difference with his savings. Normally, that would be fine, but he has just registered for classes at UCF & needs to pay his tuition & books in the next couple of weeks. If he can't keep working, he'll have to wait another semester or two to go back- something he rather not put off again.

Please hold him up in prayer, that not only that he would heal quickly & suffer less pain (he was very uncomfortable tonight), but that he would find favor with his employer & would be able to continue working.  


Becca said...

Meg you are so very welcome! I love seeing the circle growing! I love seeing your knitting projects. How do I go about getting a pair of your fingerless gloves, those would be beautiful here...pwease? Merry Christmas my friend!

Dana said...

Meg, so sorry for your son's accident.

Gosh, I have a 14 year old and the worst we've had is stitches. 3 times now, but still not as bad as broken bones.

I am not looking forward to the driving years :)!

So glad he is okay and YOU are finally on vacation.

Junie Moon said...

Oh, what a terrible thing to happen to your son! I shall certainly keep him in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Our children do indeed scare us to death, don't they?