Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You can change the world

(This is a repost of the entry last week- Blogger has been burping on me)
I began crafting for myself, to fulfill an artistic need I was born with; I enjoy trying new techniques & watching something beautiful come out of assorted scraps of raw material. I've dabbled in many different media, & as you know, have currently settled into knitting & quilting.

As a “process creator”- more interested in the act of creating then using the actual item produced- I am always working on something & often give away the finished product. I know this is a God-given drive & gift, but I’m often surprised & humbly blessed when He brings opportunities for me to put it to a good purpose.

I’ve already talked about the purpose behind my Quilting Circle group (if you missed it, you can read about it here), so donating my time is nothing new. Now, through the wonderful world of blogging, I’ve come across opportunities to use my abilities to benefit worthy causes; I would like to highlight a couple of these projects & challenge you to consider becoming involved.

The first is called “Gracious Parcels”;

started by Firefly at I live on a farm, it is a venture to create blankets for new family homeowners through Habitat for Humanity. The premise is simple- knit a 7 inch square from wool or wool blend fiber & mail it off to Firefly; she & her crew will join them together for a unique & care-filled coverlet to use in their new home. Drop by the “Gracious Parcels” website for more background on the project & the wonderful work done through Habitat for Humanity.

Do you crochet or know someone who does? Then follow this link,

to This Eclectic Life; Shelley wants to create blankets to donate to a cancer camp for children. Her goal is huge- 6,740 six-inch granny squares to create 140 blankets! These will be given to the campers & will help provide comfort during the trials of treatment. Please drop by This Eclectic Life for more information & instructions for the granny squares.

Now, I know many of you claim not to be “crafty”- you don’t knit, crochet, sew, quilt, etc- but you can practice the “craft” of caring, by posting the links or buttons on your website, highlighting the stories, or passing on the information to someone who could help. I've already learned that there are many lovely, caring, & giving people in this Blog Community; let's demonstrate this love to others outside our circle.

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