Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ivory Soap, if you please

Thank you for the kind words & righteous indignation on my behalf; a few days have past & I have recovered both my sunny disposition & sense of perspective, but not, unfortunately, my camera. While I was already planning to buy a new camera, I really didn’t want to incur the expense before my trip to Canada, & my insurance deductible is higher then the cost of an equivalent replacement *Sigh*   Thumbs Down 

The feeling of being violated is a natural reaction to being burgled, but the fact that it happened at church, while I was inside singing praises, seems to add insult to the injury. But lest I begin to sound too virtuous, let me share this antidote:

I had been at the church for about 20 minutes, practicing the worship set, when Chris came up on stage to tell me about my car. We walked out to the parking lot, while I was doing a mental inventory of what was in my car. Since I had my purse, briefcase, & knitting bag with me, I came to the conclusion that it was just a malicious act. We arrived at the car to find three ushers & S, our pastor’s wife, standing guard, & expressing outrage over yet another break-in (this was the fourth time this year). I circled the car until I came to the smashed window; it was just then that I realized that my camera had still been in the car. My response?

“SH*T!!!  The hog-humping son of a b*tch got my camera!” Pissed 

There was dead silence…6 sets of eyebrows flew up & I clapped my hand over my mouth. I heard Chris mutter, “Classy, Meg- reeeel classy,” while two ushers looked down at their feet & the third turned away. I looked over at S, who grinned wickedly & declared: “Impressive- do you give lessons?” Bag Head 

Yep- my cover is blown.

I finished up the quilt last night, but unfortunately won’t have any pictures until after the shower, when I’m hoping someone will think to bring a camera, or Sam will be able to find his in the black hole of his room. I wasn’t crazy with how it turned out, but as Chris observed, I tend to be critical of my own work, often second-guessing my color &/or pattern choices. The only thing that has been keeping me from obsessing over it is the fact that I don’t really like this woman too much- if I did, I would have ripped the quilt apart & redone it several times. Sewing 

Speaking of Sam (albeit peripherally), he finished the school year Friday…by skipping all but one period to play poker in his math class.  Envious Grades were posted on the Parent Access site this morning & he managed to squeak by in Science- his trouble spot all year- with a D; the others were B’s & C’s, so he’s officially made it through his sophomore year. He also putzed around & didn’t get his summer school application in on time, so I informed him this weekend he had best get his hind-end in gear & find a job, or he’ll be spending the summer in Oregon, babysitting his cousins for free & doing grunt work for his aunt & grandmother. 


I know he’s a good kid, but too much unsupervised time is an invitation for trouble, particularly since he has a girlfriend. Besides, he could use the money to pay back his Dad for losing his bike (see story here) & to pay for his portion of driver’s training next fall.  He starts tennis lessons tonight, which should continue through the end of the year, when the team starts practicing again for the 2008 season. He’s also moving to a new “dojo” with his karate teacher, who has decided to go independent from the city’s Parks & Recreation department; we’re not certain of the days & times as of yet, but I’m certain Sensei G is planning for Sam to continue to teach the beginner’s classes under him. Sam’s group has already begun their Black Belt training & has been asked to train with another Sensei on the weekends, but we’ll have to work on the logistics of that later. 

Martial Arts 

Well, I’d best toddle- I have an appointment for a haircut & then need to collect Daisy from the vet’s office; it looks like we’ve finally got her blood sugar under control, but the doctor wanted to do another 12 hour insulin curve monitoring to make certain. I’m suppose to go to quilting group tonight, but I’ll have to see how much pampering poor Daisy needs before I head out again.  



Charity said...

Tooooo Funny! I'm so glad to see you're not "perfect". :0)

Amy said...

Cussing in front of the preacher's wife? That's a good one! My mom WAS a preacher's wife, and I still don't dare to cuss in front of her! (You should have seen her face the first time I said "puke" in front of her.)

Tulabell said...

Isn't it humbling to have those at church see you for who you really are? I think it humbles them as well though. They have to realize that all of us are just down to earth people who express themselves too. We aren't perfect we are humans. I'd like to know how her reaction really was, was she joking with you and accepting or was she sarcastic and now treats you differently?

I often wonder about our pastor's wife. She seems to be selfish, but I can't be judgeful. She runs our P&W team but anyone that wants to participate or make suggestions, such as my husband who is a trained musician, she won't allow it. He offered to back her up vocally while one of the other team members was out of town, and she told him no. I feel so bad for him cause all he's tried to do is help and fit in with doing what he loves best and she seems to want the whole thing to herself all the while complaining about the Sunday School program and her not being able to do it and the P&W. But what I wonder is why doesn't she ever ask for P&W team leaders to take her place so she can have a turn somewhere else? They do it for the other things such as Sunday school teachers, secretary, Deacons, etc.? God tells us to grow where we are planted, but it seems this church we've come to for the last year and 3 months has it's own cliche and they wonder why they've grow then deplete in patterns over the past 5 years. What do you think? I've suggested to my husband that maybe we find a different church to attend but he says that is not the answer. So we humble ourselves and take it one week at a time.