Monday, June 11, 2007

More random stuff about me

Since I’m not ready to think about this past weekend without going on a little rant, & I’ve spent the past 3 entries griping about my life, I’m going to take the path of avoidance & do this meme from Jane’s:

1. If you could pick your own name, what would you choose and why? I suppose I’ve already done this- “meg” is a name I picked out for myself- of course, only people in Blogland use it J This is a tough one, because I grew up with the name of “Mary” in a world full of “Rainbow”, “Zephyr”, “Antoinette” (Berkeley thru 60’s & 70’s) so basically anything was cooler then my name.

2. What non-famous person do you admire most and why? I’d have to say my husband, Chris; he is the hardest working, most selfless person I’ve ever met. He is just a truly nice guy, who goes out of his way to help anyone who asks & is fiercely protective of his family.

3. If you had $1 million to donate to a charity, what one would you choose and why? I would donate to a local organization- Interfaith Ministries, who provides food & household supplies to anyone in need,  so they can build their own facility & stock it properly.

4. What is the one thing you really wish you had time to do? I would really like to learn to play the mandolin- there are just not enough hours in my week to devote to lessons & practice.

5. What is your biggest regret and why?  That I didn’t stand my ground with my ex-husband & keep my oldest son with me; he’s an awesome man, but just too serious & worry worn; his dad put a lot of emotional pressure on him because Robb was “all he has to live for” & he’s too old for his age.

6. What is the worst thing you did while growing up that you never got caught for? I’m going to have to plead the Fifth on this one

7. What is your favorite meal and dessert?  Fresh cracked crab, green beans, & sour dough French bread, followed by cheesecake~ oh, my- I gain weight just thinking about it.

8. What is the biggest lesson in life you have learned to date?  I am not responsible for the choices (read- mistakes) my children make.

9. What is your favorite non-domestic animal? Oooo- tough one: otters- they are so fun to watch, they have a natural sense of play & joy; hummingbirds are mesmerizing; tigers are gorgeous

10. If you could do ONE truly selfless thing for someone, what would you do and for whom? I would provide a first-class, full-ride college education for a deserving young person who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend.   

11. Is there anyone in your life you wish you could spend more time with and who is it?  My oldest child, Robb- we really don’t know each other very well, since he lives across country & is busy making a life for himself.   

12. What are your biggest pet peeves?  People who don’t clean up after themselves; small children being allowed to run around in stores; telemarketers calling at any time; the constant use of profanity in normal conversation (wait now- my little diatribe was event specific- I don’t talk like that all the time)  

13. What is the one thing you would like to accomplish before you die? To own my own home. 

14. What was your most embarrassing moment to date and what happened?  See entry for June 5th, 2007  

15. What is your dream job? Being a silent partner in a highly successful restaurant- no work, free meals, & a steady paycheck.

16. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  Much as I am now, only with no children at home, traveling more, & 75 pounds lighter.

17. What is your favorite album right now and why? I’m currently loving Chris Botti’s album To Love Again

18. What are your favorite bands? I like Nickel Creek & Célé Dé, but mostly listen to classical or individual artists

19. What kind of books do you like to read and who are your favorite authors? Mysteries for certain- my current favorites are Joanna Fluke, Tamar Myers, & Lillian Jackson Braun; I’m also a huge fan of Jane Austin, Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables), Garrison Keillor, & P. G. Wodehouse.

20. What is your favorite magazine? Can’t pick just one- Scottish Life, Better Homes & Gardens, & Victoria (it’s coming back in September- YEAH!)

21. Do you collect anything and if so what is it? I mentioned last week that I collect teapots (& plants, which often die); I also collect corny, clean jokes, books, & evidently, cats.

22. If you could have three wishes, what would they be? Sorry- nothing noble: abundant wealth to live the way I want; that all of my children would be living useful, fulfilling lives in God’s will; & that I would be a flab-free, fit 130 pounds for the rest of my life.

23. Do you have any bad habits and what are they?  Sugar- it’s my downfall; impatience; & procrastination- face it, I’m plum lazy!

24. What are you most proud of and why?  That I finished a college degree- two actually- & came out without any school debt. 

25. What do you like to do in your spare time? Read, crafts, visit gardens & museums, sleep.

26. If you could meet any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be and why? Dame Judy Dench: I want to be her when I grow up- she’s beautiful in a real woman way, funny, talented, & lives on her own terms. 

27. If you could live in any time era, what would it be and why? I’m with Jane on this one- despite the drawbacks, the current era is pretty awesome; in the past, I would have no personal freedom as a woman & almost endless hard work just to survive.

28. What was your favorite subject to study in school?  History & Home Economics (ironic, since I don’t cook or clean unless I have to)

29. What extracurricular activities (if any) did you participate in during school?  Drama- I was in several plays & even did a movie in high school- & dancing- ballet, jazz, square (my tastes were, well, eclectic) 

30. Who was your favorite teacher and why? I’d say probably Eric Narveson, my college history professor; he gave the hardest tests- all essays & based on lectures- but was fascinating & passionate about his subject, which made the classes fly by (I took a total of 3 courses from him)  

31. What music and/or bands do you hate?  I am mostly definitely opposed to rap & heavy metal; I am a creature of peace & calm, even in my teens. 

32.  What two people do you challenge to do this?  You & that lady over there.


Daisy said...

Poor you megsy, It does seem as though all the rocks in the world have been throwing themselves at you recently doesnt it. Keep smiling I think that your great. (for what thats worth!!)
Love the 31 random facts...what a lot more I know about you, was this for a dare, or a tag, or was it a plain cathartic exercise? Love it any way.xxxxx

Tulabell said...

Didn't know you loved fresh cracked crab! Usually people don't put that on their answer, well other than my husband of course...