Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bits & Pieces

Wondering what the hot topic of conversation was after our staff meeting Wednesday morning?

It wasn’t the great new mortgage program, with up to a 40 year term.

It wasn’t the “clarification” of the dress code, specifically outlawing flip-flops as business casual attire.

It wasn’t even discussing how big the pregnant lady is & how soon that baby is going to come.

Perish the thought;

This was the subject:


Not the earrings themselves, but the fact that I was wearing them, as well as a little makeup & colored lip balm.

At work.

You would have thought it was the Second Coming the way they carried on- and frankly, it wasn’t flattering.

In truth, I was rather annoyed.

Certain people have decreed that staff meetings are “Diva Day” & I am required to wear makeup, lipstick, earrings, & heels.

I think my politest reply to this was “Bugger Off!”

The only reason I was fixed up was because I was going to the Garden Club Tea right after work- frankly, I don’t think these particular clods rate the effort.

Beside, it’s become a point of honor: no one has the right to judge my personal style (or lack of it)

But that’s another blog.

I dreamt about my ex-husband the other night; this really wasn’t that surprising, as I realized on Tuesday that it would have been our 25th wedding anniversary that day. Normally, the date goes by without my even noticing; we’ve been divorced for 19 years & haven’t spoken since his Mom died last year. I briefly thought about those two hopeful young people standing at the altar, how sad that their dream was broken; how God brought good out of a bad decision; and about the happiness I’ve found & disappointment he has lived through since then.

I dreamed that we were still married- I was unhappy, but resigned to being there- even though I had memories of being married to Chris. I have dreams like this at least once a year; sometimes, I’m getting ready to re-marry him, even though I’ve been with Chris all these years. Every time, I’m trying to figure out how to get out of it & get back to the life I want. It’s all very disturbing & a little creepy. My question to all the “Second Time Around” wives that drop by- do you have dreams like that?

Chris & Sam have gone to lunch & the movies for Father’s Day; this is one of the benefits of my children growing older- they can take responsibility for the day, leaving me off the hook. While Chris was on an all-day road call to Redding yesterday (four hours each way, plus working on the units up there), I did a little shopping by myself- finally got around to buying the bras I’ve been needing for months- & surprise! ended up with some more plants, so I begged off on “The Fantastic Four” in favor of replanting one of my hanging baskets. Of course, it’s a bit too warm to be working outside just now, so I’m thinking about going to Costco- then again, maybe I’ll go get a pedicure…  

P.S.~ I did all three (note the potting soil on my pedicured piede)





Daisy said...

Interesting question that one. I'm a sort of second time arounder after a fashion. Like you my ex and I have been apart for over 19 years (The length of time my son has been around in fact!) I hav'nt tried it again, although I do have a partner. (Not sure if thats still called "living in sin"....Sure don't feel very sinfull. Not like buying the extra bar of special chocolate that you hide in the cupboard just for yourself!!!!) I dont dream about my ex as a person, but I have dreamt that my son sort of turns into his father which is kind of spooky. To be honest I'm much more likly to have nightmares about my other half's ex wife!!! But that a very different story. xxxxx

Charity said...

I know for me it was really hard rationalizing my decision to leave my first husband, and later, even harder to justify marrying my husband now. There was so much pressure from "church people" and the like... do you have any unresolved feelings or expectations there? It could just be yourself looking back, and what-if-ing...

Stefaneener said...

I have very odd marriage nightmares also. Some aren't nightmares, but they're almost always odd. And I'm a first timer. Yeah, don't give 'em the satisfaction at work. Bleah.

Dana said...

Hope you don't mind. I stumbled across your blog and read your post. I know proper net-etiquette would ask that you comment on current posts only, but I felt compelled to comment here anyway.
I am a second timer as well. I praise God every day for the fact that I didn't know Him at the time I was divorced. I too have the odd dream of the ex and it always creeps me out. A best friend of mine says the same. Seems it is common, but not quite sure why it happens...
If you don't mind, I will check in from time to time!