Thursday, December 07, 2006

What's on your stocking?

During the holiday season, nearly every party I attend has a gift exchange- something small, usually with a $10-$20 limit. Now, I don’t know if it is a California trend or actually reflects the larcenous nature of my friends, but we normally play “Steal the Gift” at these parties. If you don’t know this game, here is the premise:
Each person brings a wrapped gift, places it under the tree, & then numbers are drawn for each participant. The first person chooses a gift & opens it; the second person can either choose a gift or take the gift the first person received. If the gift is stolen, the first person may choose another gift. The third person (& so on) can either choose a new gift or take one from the others. The rules are that
1) A single gift can only be stolen 3 times- it is considered locked & can’t be taken again; &
2) If a gift is stolen from you, you can’t steal it right back- you can only chose a new gift or take someone else’s.
After the last person has chosen, you go around the group one more time & each person has the opportunity to steal or exchange for another gift (unless it is locked) or keep what they got; this gives the earlier numbers an opportunity to have a chance at later gifts.
We always have a lot of fun with this game, whether the gifts are “white elephants” or clever & heartfelt. It’s also a great place to see some great idea for stocking stuffers, so here is my list for Thirteen Thursday

Thirteen Gifts to Stuff Stockings
1. Mini Book light- this is not only great for reading, but I keep one in my knitting bag so I can work during evening car rides
2. Disposable camera- never know when you’ll need one
3. Travel sewing kit- thread, needles, safety pins, 5/8” buttons
4. Folding umbrella
5. A Slinky toy- I was given a plastic one & keep it at my desk; everyone picks it up, smiles, & plays with it
6. Lint brush roller with refills- this was the most popular gift at this party
7. Travel-sized games- checkers, Uno, Sorry- there are hundreds of them; great for car trips
8. Funny or Scenic postcards- Kids love to mail them (& receive them)
9. A book of stamps- I’m always running out of these when I most need them
10. Gift cards- I like to give them for coffee, ice cream, a local bookstore or the movies
11. Wild & crazy socks- the girls particularly like these (but so does Chris)
12. Travel mugs- the come in all sizes & designs, just make sure they have sealing lids!
13. Small scrapbook album- can be autograph book & photo album all in one

We are now on night #7 & Chris still has not said anything about the new bed. The gift bag is still on the bedside table unopened- I even turned on his lamp, so the light would shine on the bag- he just reached passed it & turned the light off. I bought a new blanket last night at Costco - micro fiber fleece, light green & very soft; it’s laying on his side of the bed in the package, so hopefully he’ll take the initiative & put it on the bed tonight while I’m at choir. My idea is that he will see & feel how much thicker the mattress is & finally clue in, but who knows?


Charity said...

How can you say nothing about the bed!?! I would never have the strength of will to stay mum about it! :0)

Suni said...

great list of stocking stuffers!!! mine is up

K T Cat said...

I'm planning on going to estate sales tomorrow to find my $10 gift. $10 goes a Looooooong way at an estate sale. I can't wait! My TT is up, too.

Stefaneener said...

The bed thing is still killing me. Do you think he knows (does he read your blog?) and is just somehow outwaiting you? Aaaargh.