Monday, December 04, 2006

The game is on...

I know it’s hard to believe, but Chris still has not noticed we have a new bed. You would think that just the height difference would be a give-away- I mean, this bed is a full 2 inches taller, what with the pillow top & the new mattress covers. Well, to be honest, he has detected that something is different, but won’t say anything- he must think I’ll make fun of him (who, me?) or that he’s just losing his mind. I’m not going to say anything, because he’s been known comment on how unobservant I am (it is true, but that’s not the point) & I reply that the pot shouldn’t call the kettle black, which of course he denies…anyway, it’s become a challenge- who will crack first?

Night #1: Chris climbs into bed, stretches down to touch his toes, sighs, groans, & then lays down; he gets real still, says “Hmm”, then turns over on his side & goes to sleep.
Night #2: He pulls back the blankets to get in bed, looks down at the mattress (which has a diamond-quilted pillow top- very different from our old bed) rubs his hand across it, then climbs in & goes to sleep.
Night #3: Tonight, I begin to change the settings. Start at 100- the firmest: no reaction. Gets up at 12:30 am, change setting to 45: no reaction. Gets up at 5:30 am, change setting to 100: grunts, no comment. Gets up at 7:30, change setting to 25: gets in bed, looks at mattress, pushes it twice with hand, goes to sleep.
Night #4: Decide to go a little more obvious- I put the remote in a brightly colored gift bag, approx 6 X 8 inches, place it on his bedside table, next to the lamp, in plain site. Chris gets into bed, sets his alarm clock (also on beside table), & goes to sleep without noticing the bag.

I was lying in bed during each of these events, reading my book & waiting for him to make any sort of comment or question. Nothing. Frankly, I’m beginning to worry about him; I know reaction time slows with age, but really, 5 days? Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

It was another lovely, but chilly, weekend here in the Valley. Saturday afternoon, Sam had testing for his next Karate belt level (1st class brown) & was facing a rather formidable board of 3 Grand Masters (6th degree Black Belt & above) for judging. It was mutually agreed that I wouldn’t be present for this testing- I get very nervous & that doesn’t bode well for a flow of positive chi, so Chris & I took off for the foothills. We spent the day in Amador City, a “blink & you will miss it” town of 500 that has some great shops featuring unique handcrafted items. One of my favorite places is the “Victorian Closet” which sells vintage clothing & textiles (like house linens, hankies, quilts, lace) & the most wonderful handmade brooms. They are fantastical creations of twisted, polished wood- some with carving, but most just natural- from whiskbroom to full sized, some even with two heads. A man back east produces them (I’m thinking Kentucky or Tennessee), growing the broomcorn on his farm & searching out the handles among groves of trees that have honeysuckle vines twining up them. We own two & bought three more to take as gifts on our trip to New Mexico later this month. We wandered over to Sutter Creek & poked thru the shops, then ate dinner & watched the Posada parade wind down the main street, the children joining in with lighted candles to follow the Christ child to the church. I’m looking forward to seeing this again in Santa Fe, as we will be arriving on Christmas Eve, & my brother plans on taking us to participate.
Sunday afternoon, the Stockton Choral performed Handel’s Messiah at our church. We attended with our home fellowship group, then had a potluck dinner & gift exchange at one of the houses. We had a rather large turn out, including our Pastor & his wife, so there was lots of good food & laughter. We played the “Steal the Gift” game again & we ended up with a book light (mine!) & cute kitchen towel set (Sam’s) We ended the evening singing carols by guitar- half our group is in the choir or band, so we always seem to have music at our gatherings.
We are down to crunch time this week- besides getting ready to leave on vacation in two weeks, we have to close the books by Friday so we can pay out bonus checks at our Christmas party on Saturday, and so I may not be around much this week. I will check in whenever possible & hopefully post a Thirteen Thursday if I get it finished (why is it I always get stuck at #11?)


Stefaneener said...

The bed saga is killing me! Keep us posted, please.

I would so totally break before he figured it out.

Charity said...

The Saga of the New Bed is wonderful! I'm dying in anticipation of the big reveal! :0)

Tulabell said...

Bonus checks? What are bonus checks?