Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Just checking in... let you know what we're up to; I didn't realize how much I missed going by to visit everyone, but there just isn't the time to blog walk, since this a computer in the lobby of the hotel.
We spent Christmas day with my Dad, driving out to the Petroglyph Monuments. The visitor center was closed, of course, but we were able to go hiking around the rocks & caves a bit- which is Sam favorite thing to do. We also went out to the Volcano site & even hiked up to the top! I was rather proud of myself- I made it up to the top just slightly behind the others (you have to factor in the change in altitude- we live at 75 ft above sea level, & we are staying at 5000 ft).
Christmas evening, we had dinner with Bil, Evan, Crystal & Dustin at Sandia Casino & Resort, one of the few places open. We had a lovely meal at the Counselman Steak House, & gave everyone their brooms, which were a big hit.
Yesterday, we drove up to Santa Fe & spent the day exploring the Old Town Plaza- we had the best fajitas at a little corner stand on the square. We spent hours poking around the shops, went to see the Loretto Chapel, & had ice cream at Cold Stone. Dad took us up to Museum Hill & we went thru 3 of the museums, while Sam crashed for a needed nap.
We spent the evening at the home of my nephew Evan & his mom Rae, where we observed the first night of Kwanzaa. Bil gave a brief outline of the celebration, which is very individualized to each family & community. The theme for the day was Unity, which Rae pointed out was quite appropriate for our family. They lit the black candle for unity, we each had a drink from the communal cup, & gave honor to our ancestors, then we had dinner & watch a movie, "Meteor Man".

Dad has headed off to Las Cruces & will be heading back to Kansas tomorrow, so we're off to do some exploring while the weather holds. It has been beautiful & clear until today, & is supposed to start snowing tonight. You all have a great day, & I'll check in later!

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Charity said...

Wow, sounds like a busy but fun-filled holiday! :0)