Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lighten up!

Hi, kids! Thank you for all the kind wishes & supportive comments on my previous, emotional semi-meltdown. It is often hard for me to admit that I don't have everything under control (can we all say "latent perfectionist"?), but as I said, I want to be honest & up front about my life. Too many of us spend too much time hiding behind our masks, presenting a life devoid of trial & struggle, which I think is a disservice to people we encounter. How often have you met someone who seems to have everything together, & walked away feeling diminished & inadequate about your own life? Yes, I thought so- I know it happens to me all the time & I don't want to cause that kind of unhappiness to the people who are kind enough to frequent my world & consider me a friend.

All that being said, it's time to lighten the mood. We had our Secret Santa gift exchange Wednesday morning after our staff meeting, so my desk is loaded with treats & goodies from my co-workers. I finished my shopping this weekend, mailed off the last of the gifts on Monday, & have packed up for our trip. I even bought some new luggage to replace our rather dated, tired suitcases that were a wedding gift. The brooms are securely packed up to take with us- here is the picture I promised. We head off on the train Saturday morning, & Chris' best friend is going to drop us off & will keep our cars at his house while we're gone. It has taken some time, but the holiday spirit has finally creeped up on me, so I would like to share these fun & cheesy blog quizzes, which I blatantly stole from VENTL8R's space.

You Are a Bow

You don't think of it as the holiday season - you think of it as the present season!

What Christmas Ornament Are You?

Too true!

You Are a Minimal Christmas Tree

You're not a total Scrooge, but you feel no need to go overboard at Christmas.
Less is more, and your Christmas reflects refined quality.

What Christmas Tree Are You?

If it weren't for Chris, we would have no decorations at all!
Your Christmas is Most Like: The Muppet Christmas Carol

You tend to reflect on Christmas past, present, and future...
And you also do a little singing.

What Movie Is Your Christmas Most Like?

Again, too true- for me, it's all about the music & I love to sing
Your Holiday Personality is Caring

You like to reach out to people all year long, but you're especially giving during the holidays.
Make those you love homemade presents (like cookies or scarves). Call someone who might be feeling a little down. Give to your favorite charity.

How Should You Spend the Holidays?

Giving, yes- but I'm also pretty stingy
For the twelve days of Christmas, your true love will send you:

Twelve punk rockers drumming
Eleven snowmen a-melting
Ten gymnasts a-leaping
Nine ladies yodeling
Eight alpacas a-milking
Seven gingerbread men a-crumbling
Six iPods a-playing
Five golden toe rings
Four calling bill collectors
Three French berets
Two bottles of whiskey
And a fairy in a olive tree

What Will You Get for the 12 Days of Christmas?

This just plain cracked me up! I have not one, but three garage bands in my neighborhood; I've been obsessed with alpaca yarn; I love gingerbread houses, but can't build one that stands up; Sam has been asking for an iPod; I wear two toe rings; Whiskey is my drink of choice (single malt, good stuff) after wine; & the last one is just hyserical!

You all have a Happy Christmas & a blessed, safe New Year!

Cat Haiku

I want to be close
to you. Can I fit my head
inside your armpit?

Cat 13

Author Unknown


Charity said...

Have a safe and happy journey! I'm an angel, a traditional Christmas tree, and the rest the same as you! I don't know why, but I can't resist a quiz! :0)

Stefaneener said...

Best wishes for safe travel. We're hanging out here in earthquake land, doing the cleaning. . .