Monday, December 06, 2010


Mother forwarded an email to us yesterday which contained a very pleasant surprise~ my older brother is making a fly-by visit this weekend!
I haven't seen Bil in about 4 years, since our Christmas trip to New Mexico, though we've passed emails & e-cards since then. He'll only be here Friday through Sunday, so we're planning to get together for dinner on Saturday.
Sam lucked out & has the whole weekend off, but unfortunately Jessica has to work~ I hope she won't be too upset, since she hasn't seen her uncle in quite some time.
We also learned that my in-laws are all going to be in the Bay Area for Christmas~ Chris' Mom will be staying with us, while his brother & family will be with my sister-in-law's relatives. I will be filling in for two vacationing co-workers thru the holidays, so time off for me is out of the question, but Chris was able to take time off to spend with his family. I believe we'll be hosting everyone here on Boxing Day, so I won't miss out on the festivities or the chance to show off my new home!

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gail said...

It all sounds good, Meg. Good stuff.