Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I'm finally feeling it...

“Feeling what?” you may ask.








Six months of change and transition took a toll on me, set me on autopilot in most areas of my life for a long time.

Several things were set aside~ things I enjoy and find fulfillment in doing~ mostly because it took too much energy to even think about.

Now, I am through the proverbial tunnel, back in the light and looking forward to all the good things God has in store for me.

It’s good to be back.


mumof3boyz said...

YAY!!! So glad you are going to start blogging again. Sure have missed you, but I can imagine how busy you were with moving and changing positions at work.

The perfect way to get back into things is to post often! Ok, that may just be me wanting you to blog :)

Lisa said...

Welcome back, Meg! It's good to see you again. ;)

The Gaelic Wife said...

Welcome back!!! I missed hearing what you have to say.

gail said...

So happy to see you, Meg! hugs, g