Friday, June 13, 2008

What does meg do on a day off?


Guilt can be a wonderful thing.




My boss has felt soooo badly about all the late days & weekends I’ve had to work lately to meet state regulated deadlines (& I suspect a huge amount of relief that she hasn’t had to take on the responsibilities herself). Really awful~ as in “a very generous gift certificate to the LYS” awful (which appeared on my desk Tuesday morning after her return from vacation).


Also, last week, when I told her I would be in late on Wednesday because Sam had an out-of-town doctor’s appointment, she insisted I take the entire day off.




If she was expecting an argument, she was sadly disappointed.


Serendipity being what it is, Wednesday was a Garden Club day meeting, & they were taking a field trip to a lavender farm. Even better, Chris ended up having the day off & offered to take Sam to his appointment. Yeah me!


So here are some pictures of our day at Lavender Hollow Farms:



Lavender Hollow Farm 025


Lavender Hollow Farm 027


Lavender Hollow Farm 031




We were given a tour,


Lavender Hollow Farm 030


Lavender Hollow Farm 035


Lavender Hollow Farm 016


and a class on making “Lavender Wands”, a traditional Victorian craft.


Lavender Hollow Farm 011


Lavender Hollow Farm 017


Lavender Hollow Farm 018


After lunch (which we brought along), Alice shared a peek of the Tea Room (no pics, sorry) & what the family calls the “Chicken Tree” (because this is where the chickens would roost occasionally)


Lavender Hollow Farm 042


It is a Weeping Fruitless Mulberry, over 50 years old, & the favorite hangout for their children, & now, grandchildren.


We did go on to another farm, Lorina’s Edible Gardens, which specializes in herbs. While there wasn’t anything particularly photo-worthy, it was very informative & I came away with some new herb plants & seeds for my new box.

Lavender Hollow Farm 003


I know Chris would hate this picture, but if he knows I’m taking a photo, he gets a really silly expression on his face.

Lavender Hollow Farm 005


Poppy approves; in fact, I’m going to have to watch her & Fred, our outdoor gentleman~ I don’t want them to start grazing through my plants or use it for a platform bed!


Lavender Hollow Farm 037


Junie Moon said...

What a wonderful thing for your boss to do; it's very nice when your work and hours are so appreciated. I'm so glad you had this time for such a lovely outing as well as the ability to make the out-of-town doctor appointment.

Lena said...

Meg, this looks like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! I'm happy that it came your way.

I've always loved those lavender wands.

Take care.

Dory said...

What a great day Meg! I love that tree... simply gorgeous. And... Poppy looks mighty comfortable in there... better watch her! lol

kattz*cottage said...

Looks like you had a Lovely & well deserved day off! The Lavender fields are so beautiful & I'm sure it was heavenly to walk through them! Love your new flower box!

Enjoy your day!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

See, all of your hard work and dedication sure paid off in the end! Looks like you had a super fun day!

It's funny because I'm very allergic to lavendar so even looking at the pictures made me start to itch!! LOL

Hope your day is great!