Monday, June 23, 2008

Back to the regularly scheduled program



Stick a fork in me~ I’m done!


Well, maybe not exactly done


More like “Buried at a reasonably manageable & familiar level, lower than in the past 8 weeks.”


You know, ankle high instead of neck deep.


At least until October- but I’m not going to think about that right now.


So, what have I been up to, since I have obviously not been investing much brain activity around the Garden?


Work, mostly~ you know, that J-O-B one is forced to attend, in order to write legally negotiable checks for bills & such. The chi around the office got seriously out of whack- right in the middle of some heavyweight state-mandated reporting deadlines (which naturally fall on me), we lost three employees in as many weeks, one of them from my already minuscule accounting department (& no replacement on the horizon- ugh). Workload has trebled while we try to regroup, so I’ve been putting in late days & several weeks of Saturday work time to get on top of things. This past one was brutal- we were in the midst of triple-digit temperatures when the A/C in my office either couldn’t keep up anymore, or simply gave up; since I needed access to all the programs & files on my computer, I ended up working for 6 hours in +90°, with an ice pack on my neck & frozen water bottles under my feet.


It wasn’t a pretty sight by the end of the afternoon- but I’m done with Saturdays for a while.


So, why didn’t I come by to write you all in the evenings or on the weekend (what was left of it, that is)?


Because I couldn’t face any more time in front of the computer.


Because I didn’t seem to have the ability to string together cognitive sentences.


Because I was looking at a backlog of home projects that really needed my attention.


Because I was feeling lazy & unmotivated.


However, I am done with that also.


Well, maybe not the backlog of projects- that never ends.


Oh, and the lazy part- that’s pretty constant, too.


Nevertheless, as I am creeping up on my second Blogversary this week, I feel a renewed need to invest part of my self- my time, my creativity, my personality- in this little cyber-garden of friends.


Okay, enough mushy stuff~ read a fortune cookie & I’ll catch you later.



My Fortune Cookie told me: Tomorrow will be an excellent day for putting Slinkies on an escalator. Get a cookie from Miss Fortune


suzee said...

Glad you're back! And gee whiz, that weather turned a 180, didn't it? I'm frozen today!

Junie Moon said...

Your post echoes my own feelings right now. So little time and a gazillion things to get done. Whew!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Hope you get caught up. I'm in the same boat-