Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What's all the cafuffle?

You know how work sometimes gets in the way of life? That’s been my week so far.

The powers that be have decided that the most cost effective way to add new work areas to our main office is to move the Accounting Dept; I was informed Monday that within the next month, my office space (& my boss’ office) will be moved to another branch. I understand the fiscal motivation- we’re not an income-generating unit, we don’t need to be available to the general public, & that particular facility is being under-utilized (3 desk areas, 2 teller stations, yet only open 3 days a week with one supervisor). But personally, this is throwing my routine into a tizzy.

I am not afraid of change; I think change is good for moderation...with plenty of advanced notification.

What can I say- I like order & stability.

Sue me.

I’ve been riding Meg’s Waffle-Coaster for days (it’s similar to “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” but with more indecision & a much cooler looking car); what I really need is a list: What does Meg get out of this Chaos?

A new, larger work area (which they have actually consulted me about).

One less wall between me & my boss (loud voice & constant apologies)

Fewer people coming to my desk to interrupt my work flow

More phone calls from people needing my help (all the record files are coming with me)

An outside view

The view is a parking lot

It’s a temporary move

Only one or two years...maybe

Double the drive to work

A monthly mileage allowance

No shops or restaurants within 3 miles

There is a shaded, grassy picnic area & a break room

I won’t be able to go home for lunch

I’ll probably eat less junk

No more afternoon naps

I’ll get more knitting & reading done

The guys won’t be able to drop in for a visit or to help out

I won’t have to listen to my neighbor’s radio all day

I’ll be expected to fill in as an extra teller on paydays

Paydays are every other Thursday

My backup (my boss) is off on Thursdays

Unfortunately, the cons slightly outweigh the pros, but I’m resigned to my fate. Much of the past two days have been spent in “conference” with my boss & various vendors (architect, telecommunications, office equipment sales, etc) trying to get the essentials (that no one else seemed to think about) lined up.

You will be proud to know that I have asserted myself brilliantly, insisting on dedicated phone lines, a solid partition wall instead of glass with an opening (people looking over my shoulder all day? I don’t think so!), & a new copier with multi-functions which I use daily. I’m also going to insist on a new chair; I’ve had this one for 5 years now & it’s pretty well butt-sprung. Oh, another good thing- with the natural light & extra space, I’ll finally be able to have live plants in my work area. I’m looking forward to doing some shopping for essentials to make the office more functional (she’s using folding chairs to hold the microwave & coffee maker, for crying out loud) & a few fun things to make the new location more comfortable.

Do you think a quilted printer cozy would be too much?

BTW- Join me tomorrow for the Make Mine Pink Tea Party & drop by the participants to see how tea is done all over the world!


~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Hi Meg!
I Love that word ~ Cafuffle! Never heard it before but what a cute word.....& what cute cats! Those are adorable pictures. Good for you for making great changes in the office - good luck & I know you'll make it a better place to be!
Enjoy your day!

Tulabell said...

Change is always bothersome, but sometimes it means the next chapter in our life...I dunno. That's the way I look at it.

Indiana Amy said...

Hey, the less people interrupting me would be good enough to outweigh all of the other stuff! :)

Have a good day Meg!