Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Treasures Abound

Lest you think from my last post that my MIL is some sort of Dragon Lady, please let me reiterate that I really do love her dearly. She is an awesome woman, having single-handedly raised two exemplary sons after the death of her husband; she has been our biggest cheerleader & support system (we had our wedding in her living room & lived with her for the first year of our marriage) as well as the best Grandma to all the children (Sam is the only biological grandkid); we are also great friends, with many common interests & taste in most everything. And while she now has two beautiful, accomplished, & witty daughters-in-law, I am assured that I’m not only the smartest (I mean, really- four children in eight years- figure it out already), I’m the favorite J

We have been keeping the postman rather busy the past couple of weeks; he has worn a faint path to our door delivering an assortment of goodies. Let’s take a look at a few treasures:


This is the package I received from the “Simply Pampered” swap- it was a little late, but worth the wait (the chocolate biscotti was wiped out before I could get a photo)


This one is from the “Mystery Box- Aim for Hearts” swap- this girl went with the less obvious craft support & sent a lovely assortment crafting goodies- I already have a plan for the red-to-pink fat quarters assortment & that gold trimmed pink ribbon will be a great addition to my new hat.


The prize goes to Knitting Diva for the incredible package she sent for the “Small Project Knit Kit” swap; she sent something to indulge all my hobbies & a few extras! Aren't those stitch markers the cutest? I think this shawl is going to be my next project- just portable enough to take with me to BC.


Then of course is the new baby- my Canon PowerShot A570IS; it came with four manuals, along with the software, so I should be busy for a bit finding out all the cool things I can do.


These were not an indulgence; I have needed sandals for ages. It seems like every time I went shopping for some, I ended up with dark brown (I have 3 pairs right now, but only one set is presentable)

Sadly, the only thing that hasn’t arrived in the mail yet is the one I need most:


I realize that the regulations have been relaxed until the first of the year, but I’m going to have to scramble around to find all the other documentation & paperwork if my passport doesn’t arrive before the 19th.

Well, I'm off to bed now; Chris wants to get up early to watch the balloons take off at the park. We have lived here since 1995 & every year, he says he wants to go; when the alarm goes off at 5:30 on his day off, he always seems to change his mind. Go figure.

You all have a wonderful Independence Day & fire off some preferably legal fireworks in our honor; with no rain in over 3 months, pretty much every display is going to be a no-go around here. We will be observing the day by hanging our flag, watching the parade downtown, then feasting on burgers, corn on the cob, & ice cold watermelon. Tough life we have here in the great old USA!


Charity said...

Look at all the goodies! :0)

Rosa said...

Well, here I go again, lost my first comment, I think. Don't you just love getting goodies in the mail?! There's not much better. And waiting for a passport? Ooooh, I will have to read up and see where you're heading. I do love traveling! Thanks for your visit. Half sours are not cooked, they are just cucumbers that are brined for several days (fermented) and come out still crunchy but with a kick. Not sure where you live, but you can sometimes find baTampte half sours in the cold pickle section at some grocers (Publix). They are the best if you can find them. Just be careful transporting them hope, they tend to bubble over (again the fermenting thing). Cheers!

Carrie said...

Woo hoooooooo great stuff! I love mail - as long as it isn't bills.
Hope you have a great weekend!
God bless :)