Friday, July 06, 2007

Knowing my aversion to early mornings, you will be surprised to learn that I did make it in time to watch with hot air balloon launch with Chris. In fact, we made it to the park just as the aerialists were arriving to set up, so we watched the entire process from arrival to launch, while enjoying some coffee & conversation with our friend from church & his dog, Snickers.

It was interesting to watch each team prepare their balloons for inflation (that long, skinny shadow in the middle is me, taking the photo)

and the fascination of both young & old with the process; it was barely 6:30 am & there were a couple hundred spectators (of course, the Lion’s Club Pancake Breakfast might have had a little to do with it.)

It was also notable that the average age of the pilots was about 60 years old & every one of them was toting a lot of photography equipment.

I got up close & personal with the last group to set up

& was surprised how quickly it progressed

The missing shot in this set was when the wind shifted & the envelope of the not-fully-inflated balloon began coming down right above my head; I wasn’t in any danger, since the material is very light, but it was a bit disconcerting to see this huge, floating mass 6 feet above my head!

Then, with a brief roar of flame, each balloon rose through the quickly warming air

& floated silently off into the morning sky.

We headed back home around 7:15 to eat some breakfast, then the girls & I crawled back into bed for a couple of hours. The day did end up unbearably hot (I think we topped out at 108° F) so other then a quick trip over to the hardware store for some one-day specials & Michael’s for a new blade for my rotary cutter, we didn’t venture much beyond the kitchen for the day. Sam went off to a friend’s house for a BBQ & swim party, so it was just Chris & me to enjoy the burgers, corn, & watermelon.

Violet chose Wednesday to declare her independence as well, venturing out of Sam’s room in the daylight hours & sitting with us in the living room for a time.

Of course, she was accompanied by her adoring fans, who would not give her any privacy, even when she retreated to the study for a little bird watching.

A low key weekend is on tap; I’m going to drop in on knitting group for a bit tonight, before picking up some fusible interfacing & buttons for my new blouse; tomorrow will be Farmers’ Market early in the morning & sewing in the afternoon. I hope to get the blouse done Saturday, since this is my Sunday at Ravenswood & the forecast is for the high 90’s to low 100’s; even though the Cottage & Main House are air-conditioned, I’m certain I will appreciate a shorter sleeved, cotton blouse to wear instead of the long-sleeved, polyester one.

Hope each of you has pleasant, comfortable weekend, filled with activities that make you happy!


Brin said...

What amazing photos! I've seen a hot-air balloon... once. Looked nothing like that! How beautiful! Thanks for letting me tag along for such a great-looking day...


She'sSewPretty said...

I remember the balloon festival in Tracy. It used to be at the Tracy Airport. I think it might have been at Lincoln Park also. I love these glimpses of Tracy. Fun!

Shelby said...

really beautiful photos! I saw a balloon launch once.. very exciting!

take care and happy Monday :)

Mrs. Staggs said...

I went up in a hot air balloon one time and loved it. Aren't they beautiful? I was surprised at that first bit of noise that they make though, and when you land it's a little bit scary, but oh what fun!

Shelby said...

thanks for the blog visit this morning! take care .. hope your Tuesday is terrific!