Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kids & knitting- Do we need anything else?

Happy Tuesday (grunt, grumble)! Thanks for the all blessings for Sam’s birthday- the day was a big hit with everyone. He decided that instead of a big party with lots of people, he wanted to take five of his friends to a movie & then dinner at his favorite restaurant. We all met up at the movie theater, bought the tickets for the kids, then Chris & I wandered next door to Barnes & Noble (we decided to take a pass on “The Messenger”). The next two hours past very quickly- not unusual when I’m surrounded by books & not looking for anything in particular. Books 

When the movie let out, the kids did a little shopping in the mall, then we drove over to GK Mongolian Barbeque for all you can eat stir-fry. Sam & I had been there before, however it was the first time for all of his friends, so they had a lot of fun experimenting with combinations of food & sauces. Man- can those kids pack away the food- even the girls had 2 or 3 bowls!  Chinese Restaurant 

We gave Sam our gifts: a 4-mega-pixel camera, 512 mb memory card, camera case, a mini-tripod, & the newest “Monk” mystery book. After dinner, we swung by Cold Stone & then home for some ice cream cake, where a multitude of pictures were taken of completely inane things. Once the cake was decimated, the kids all headed upstairs to play blackjack & watch a video. Most of the kids were picked up around 9:30; Sam’s best friend, G, ended up spending the night.

Jessica dropped to introduce her new boyfriend, Davíd (more on that another day), & say “Hey” to Sam; they only stayed for maybe 15 minutes, long enough to share a piece of cake, drink some water, & give me her W-2’s & signed tax forms to fill out & mail.   Accountant 

Sam must have told me at least 4 times in the past 2 days how much he & his friends enjoyed themselves Saturday; I keep thinking it was no big deal- just dinner & a movie- but he says it was his best birthday ever, so I guess it was a big deal. We are so fortunate that he is such a great guy & has chosen his friends well; they are all polite, respectful, & well-mannered kids, even when they don’t think we are in earshot.  I listen to them talking, & other then the occasional swear word, they are articulate & funny, & treat each other with kindness. In many ways, they are all still quite young & innocent, & I pray they stay that way for a long time.  Angel 1 

I completed a couple of knitting projects this week. I finished my sister’s scarf- I just need to weave some ends in & mail it off to New Mexico- & I finally finished Chris’ felted clogs. I started these way back in October & they were 85% completed when I put them aside to complete some deadline knitting for the holidays. I pulled them out of the project bag last week & realized I would be short maybe 25 yards of yarn in order to finish them.  Annoyed And Disappointed I also saw that one of the cats evidently had an upset tummy in the past month, because someone barfed cat food into my bag! Fortunately, it was dried & these clogs were just about ready to throw into the washer, so I brushed them off outside, sprayed them with Frebreze, & set them in the laundry room while I finished the last sole. I have to say- I was disappointed with how this set felted up; I had to wash them 4 times longer then any of the others & they still came out a little too big & different sizes. I even did a test swatch before I started (which I rarely do) since I was using a different yarn than before, but it felted really well- almost too tight, actually, so I went up a needle size just in case. Oh, well- it was a lesson learned (stick with Cascade or Knit Picks) & Chris probably won’t even notice the difference.

I even started a new pair of socks last night.  Sock 2 I bought this cool new yarn called “Tofutsies”, which is a blend of superwash wool, soy silk, cotton, & Chitin, which is a fiber made from crab & shrimp shells! According to the manufacturer, Chitin has natural anti-bacterial properties, which would make it great for socks, & with the superwash wool, I’ll be able to wash them in the machine. I’m trying a new, toe-up version of my regular sock pattern, using two circular needles- it’s a bit challenging in the beginning, but I like how it looks so far. For you knitters out there, I found a very cool site for knitting help videos- www.knittinghelp.com - which has beginner & advanced techniques, as well as free patterns & an open forum for questions.


Cat Haiku

You're always typing.
Well, let's see you ignore my
sitting on your hands.

 Sleeping Kitty On Monitor  

Author Unknown



Stefaneener said...

Any man who can miss some, er, larger things probably won't know about the slippers.

I look forward to our kids' teen years.

Charity said...

I'm glad Sam's day turned out so nicely, and that he was so appreciative. :0)

I've been longing to get my hands on some of that Tofutsies yarn - do tell how it knits up and wears!

Tulabell said...

My sister just found the joy of knitting, it is so awesome to see you guys create such cute things! I don't think I could ever do it.