Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And the cookie says...

Your winsome smile will be your sure protection

Fortune cookies can be so full of it, sometimes.

Yes, my “winsome” smile is back, despite a rather trying couple of days. I was sorely tempted to crawl back in bed this morning;

  1. My foot was particularly painful when I got out of bed & I found that we’re out of Ibuprofen;
  2. The sun was brightly shining after 4 days of pouring rain, but for the life of me, I couldn’t find my sun glasses (I have to wear them when I drive- tis the reason I have almost no wrinkles);
  3. I tossed some sheets into the dryer just before leaving the house; I stopped in the kitchen to drink the dregs of my morning tea & thought to myself “There is an awful lot of thumping going on in the dryer” & started out to the car. Then I heard a wee, small “Mew”. Coming from the laundry room. OMG- the @#$%$*#@ CAT is in the dryer! I pulled Dahlia out (who else would be that dumb), panting & eyes rolling, but none the worse for wear.
  4. Walked out to my car in the driveway, put my stuff in the back seat, started the car & backed up of the driveway… something felt weird; put the car in park & walk around in front- flat tire. (Fortunately, we have an air compressor in the garage- I was only 15 minutes late)
  5. Got to work with a blinding headache (having to squint while driving across town); went to turn on my little Zen fountain & meditate a little… nothing. It’s dead. ARGH!

Turns out, it was not just me; everyone in the back office was having the same kind of morning. I told them there is some bad mojo going on & we need to either close up for a Mental Health day, or call Feng Shui master to realign the office chi. Needless to say, I was over-ruled; some people just have no imagination.

Okay, you all aren’t having too much luck with this guessing game yet; I guess the clues are a little obscure. Here’s where we stand:

v A pair of women’s gloves

v A fundraiser tea party

And today’s hint:

v Index cards filled with notes

I will tell you that I have mentioned this activity in my blog archives~ check out the first 4 months on MSN.

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Amy said...

You sound like how I've been feeling lately. I even questioned whether it's a full moon (not yet). There definitely is something in the air. I've been feeling blah, and everyone else has been wearing their "kick me, I'm an idiot" sign. Argh.