Thursday, January 18, 2007

Let's have a rousing chorus of cheers

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore. Instead, I set some small, attainable goals that I think will improve my life, & I rarely put any deadlines on myself. It’s more about growing as a person, & less about trying to achieve perfection. So, in the spirit of being real & open about my world, I humbly present, in full public view, my:

Thirteen Goals for 2007 (& beyond)

  1. Throw out all the back issues of magazines stored around the house~ I mean, really, it’s getting ridiculous- I have some that are 5 years old (& more). I seriously doubt I’ll ever have a lack of reading material around here, not with my book obsession & the close proximity of both the library & Barnes & Noble. If I haven’t needed them by now, I doubt I ever will.

  2. Read 1 non-fiction book this year~ I have a tendency to stick with a couple genres of fictional material, mostly because I’m trying to escape from real life for a while; but now that I’m out of school for a while, I feel the need to expand my mental horizons. Nothing too heavy or intellectual- maybe a biography.

  3. Use the library more often~ I started cleaning out books this time last year- I have too many paperbacks & not enough shelves. Besides, I know I spend more on books than I should, since our library is 3 blocks from my work. Now that our Library system has an online catalog, I can find & reserve books to pick up.

  4. Take on a new challenge activity~ I know what you are thinking, but I really do have time to do something new in my life! I suppose it comes from being in school for so many years, but I need the stimulation of being outside my comfortable little world. This is tough for shy, lazy homebody like me, but I need this to grow. I already have taken the first steps on this one, but I’m not ready to reveal all at this point; never fear, you will hear all about it soon.

  5. Cook dinner two nights a week~ After so many years of night classes, I got out of the habit of cooking; fortunately for me (& my children) I married an awesome man who likes to cook & didn’t see it as an imposition. It is time for me to take my share of the responsibilities again; besides, I want to improve my health & cooking from scratch will help me control the amount of crud in our diet.

  6. Drink two 16 ounce bottles of water each day~ Yes, I know I’m suppose to drink more than that, but if I can get to this point daily, I’ll be ahead of where I am now.

  7. Lose (& not re-find) 25 pounds by December 31st~ As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a lot more than that to lose; this is a place to begin- 2 pounds a month isn’t too scary or overwhelming.

  8. Take a 30 minute walk three times a week~ Again, this is a starting point; it’s a realistic commitment for me- it’s all about forming the habits.

  9. Go to the gym once a week~ To this end, I changed our membership to another facility closer to our home. It is a small, brand new club that just opened last week; it’s only 0.7 miles from the house, close enough to walk (with the added benefit of being $7.00 a month cheaper). Viola, one 30-minute walk (to & from) down.

  10. Buy a new camera~ This about improving my skills; I love photography & have a certain level of natural talent (I won a contest a number of years ago with a snapshot from a plain old Kodak Instamatic), but I would like to take it to the next level. Though I’ve taken college courses, I think this is going to be more about getting out & doing it, then reading & studying about it. Of course, given my nature, I will probably still be doing some reading on the subject; hey, there could be my non-fiction book!

  11. Install & use the photo software I bought 2 years ago~ Part of this is clutter relief- the box has been shuffled around the computer desk & needs to be dealt with; the rest is about doing something with all the pictures stored on my computer that need fixing or enhancing, & then actually printing some of them out.

  12. Attend two scrapbooking crop nights~ To deal with the results of #10 & #11. A rather large scrapbook store opened up last year just across the street from the knitting shop. They have a regular monthly crop events- something like $10 for 6 hours, access to store equipment, & individual tables.

  13. Deposit $25 a pay period in my “Scotland” savings account~ If I ever want to take that trip, I have to get serious about saving for it. I can (& probably will) do more than that, but if I can commit to a minimum & consistent deposit, I’ll have something to show for it pretty quickly.

Cat Haiku

Oh no! Big One
has been trapped by newspaper!
Cat to the rescue!

Cat 12


Stefaneener said...

I'll be cheering you on!

Charity said...

Way to go, Meg! These all sound like great goals! I love the reserve feature online with our library - it means I can get all kinds of great books, and not have to drag my many small noisy children upstairs! :0)