Monday, January 15, 2007

How lazy are you?

Congratulations, You are 57% lazy

"Ok lets say it together now, I'm Lazy. Thats better, admitting it is the first step to getting better. Maybe you should turn off the computer and go and do some of those built up chores now. Oh ok, go on then, just one more quiz:)"

Yes, it is true- despite what you may think, I am in truth… lazy! Yes, I know my life sounds full & busy, & it is really, just like every other modern working wife & mother. But I manage to accomplish what needs to be done from the comfort of my desk, car, or recliner chair. I am the queen of delegation & procrastination at home. In reality, I am a very low energy person, evidenced by the fact I’m 75 lbs over weight; Chris routinely comes by to check my pulse on the weekends.

I managed to reach my goals for the weekend- I was lazy & I slept in. We didn’t make it to Friday night Family dance class; Chris got home late, after having to make an afternoon road call to Napa, so we just stayed home for the evening. Saturday, I managed to sleep until 8:00, before having to get up to use the bathroom & eat something to stop my stomach from growling. Chris took off for the day with some of the men in the church to do some repairs on one of our senior’s home, so after I took a walk (man- it was cold!) Sam & I headed to my office, after a stop at Starbuck’s to spend some of our gift certificates. Sam packed up some records for me, then went to visit his friend down the street, while I balanced the books & entered bills for next week- ended up spending about 3 ½ hours at the office & got done what was needed.

Saturday evening, we had the kick off event for a new ministry at church, called “House to House”. The idea behind it is to give couples the opportunity to spend time socially with another; four couples are randomly grouped & will meet the 2nd Saturday evening for a potluck dinner at one of their homes. It was a fun evening, & I’m looking forward to getting to know the 3 other couples in our group.

Sunday was a complete non-event; I went to church, came home & started a pot roast in the crock pot, then took a nap. The evening was spent bundled under a blanket in the living room (even Chris was cold) watching the “Monk” marathon & drinking Glögg with a little red wine.

Today, after sleeping until 8:00 again, Sam & I did some housekeeping; I went to Cost Plus for some honey & olive oil; I started making some bread (don’t get too impressed; I have a bread maker- I dump the ingredients in & press the button), then took a walk while it was still light out; at 6:30, Chris & I went into Livermore for adult class, after a 3 ½ month hiatus. It was great to see everyone & catch up on the news; it happened to be Sheena’s birthday (our instructor & friend) so we had a lovely tea between the beginners’ & intermediates’ classes. It felt good to be dancing again- I haven’t been able to do much dancing in the past year, between having surgery, the amount of traveling Chris did this season, & all the challenges at work. Now things have settled down, we will be able to spend time with our friends, doing what we enjoy.

I need to toddle off to bed- back to work tomorrow!


Charity said...

Lazy? Lazy? I don't think so! :0)

Amy said...

Mine was 47%, but that's only because I answered what I DO, not what I WANT to do. Like the paper plates thing ... I am SO on board with that! I have always said that I am a lazy, low-energy person, but I guess I have enough "mom guilt" to get the stuff done that REALLY needs to be done.