Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hi-ho, hi-ho….

Well, you know the rest of it. Today was back to real life- work, school, errands & chores. Most times, it is almost not worth going on vacation, since it often takes twice as long to get caught up again. Surprisingly, my desk was not buried in paper & undone projects, & I left work on time!
I’m still sorting through all the impressions, conversations, moments, & images of our trip. Being a realist, I knew that one visit wouldn’t erase years of neglected relationships & bring instant intimacy between us all. I do know that the doors have been opened, hands are being extended by each of us, & every one has expressed the desire to spend more time together. As much as this trip meant to me, I think it was even more important for my father; this is from an email I received New Year Day “Since I left Albuquerque, I have reflected upon the wonder week that we all were privilege to share. I still have a warm, fuzzy feeling about all of us being together and wish that we can do it again soon. For me, it was a very meaningful time.” Whatever does or doesn’t happen from here on, I know I was able to make my father happy, & that was worth it.
Now it’s time to look at the coming year. It is going to be a rather eventful one for my family. We hit the ground running with Bil (yes, the same brother I was just visiting) arriving in the Bay Area tomorrow, & we are planning on getting together with Mother on Sunday. Ironically, he found out last month that he will coming out here every 6 weeks or so for the next year, to supervise a large project for work, so we will have several opportunities to spend time together. Both Sam & Jessica will have milestone birthdays in February, so I’ll be organizing appropriate celebrations for each (or both.) Other big family news is my younger brother, David, announced his engagement to long-time girlfriend, Wendy. While Mother is still a bit incredulous about the whole thing (he is 38 after all & never married), I’m excitedly planning a trip to Whistler, BC in July to attend the wedding. We are also tentatively planning a vacation to Florida in December, so Chris can actually see some of the sights he missed on his three trips there last year. Add to that a knitter’s retreat, a Spring break hideout at home to finish various projects, Chris facing some extensive dental work, Highland Games season starting in April, & assorted day trips to explore unique aspects of our area, & you see it will be business as usual around here- plenty of blog-fodder!
More importantly is the inner journey I take each year. I’m not one to make resolutions; I find them too intimidating & stressful. Instead, I want to look at areas of my life & set some small goals to work towards, things that will make me happier. I’d like to take on a new challenge- nothing major or life altering- just something new to learn or do, to add some variety to my routine. I’d like to improve some of my skills, such as photography & gardening, to reach towards a new level of creativity. Most importantly, I want to limit my commitments outside my home; I want my husband & son to know that they are my first priority.
So, this is the road stretching out before me. I can see the high spots & major landmarks ahead, but most of the journey is hidden in the twists & turns of the path. Yet, I’ve rarely feared the unknown; I have a Companion & Protector, leading me in the way He has planned, & I’ve learned to trust Him. This is the source of my peace, the reason I can remain calm & contented, no matter the chaos surrounding me. And now, I also have these electronic angels, friends & confidants I’ve met in the blog world, that will hold my hand & share the journey. For this, I am truly grateful.


Charity said...

Whistler?!? In July?!? I'M planning on being in Whistler in July! (Or in the general area, at least.) Wouldn't it be wonderful to meet? Let me know if that's something you'd enjoy, and if you can fit it in with the festivities! :0)

Stefaneener said...

Lovely, Meg. Families have such long-lasting power. I'm right there with you on thte evaluation and challenges part.

Texas Mammie said...

Wow! You are so focused and pulled together! Most of the time I feel like I'm in charge when I can remember to bring home all my shopping bags at Wal-Mart.
I'll be going to Florida in December, too! I think probably around Christmas. My oldest has just found out they'll be stationed in Jacksonville. They'll probably be moving sometime this summer. He's got 3 years left to pay back to the Navy.
Florida in the summertime, sounds pretty yucky.