Sunday, October 01, 2006

I Can Stay!

You Passed the US Citizenship Test

Congratulations - you got 9 out of 10 correct!

Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test?

The boys have gone off to the movies for the afternoon (Fly Boys or the Jet Li movie) leaving me with the house to myself. There are so many things I could do, several I need to do, 2 or 3 I really have to do; so I'm sitting at my computer. Actually, I was up early (as it is my week for Worship Team) & stopped at Jamba Juice (Bright-Eyed & Blueberry w/Vita-Boost); I sang both services; gave a friend a ride home; burned & labeled some choir CD's & dropped them off at another house; started some laundry, & heated up leftovers (from lunch/dinner yesterday at the brand-new Texas Roadhouse) for my lunch; so I really don't feel too guilty about sitting for a while, catching up with my friends.

I do need to get into the garden & plant some things I picked up last week, before they wilt too badly. It is overcast today & my Weather Bug is telling me there is a 30% chance of showers, with a possibility of snow above 6000 feet by Tuesday. I guess autumn is finally here, though the leaves haven't started to change around town yet. I was reading Mrs Sharp's Traditions last night, & she talked about how to preserve autumn leaves- it sounded really easy & fun, & I would like to try it (when I find some leaves worth preserving) but then I wonder what to do with them I've spent several months trying to reduce clutter around here! I blame this compulsion for honoring the season on all my Fall-loving online friends- they have brainwashed me! For the most part, I don't do much decorating- I either don't think about it or don't have the time, inspiration or inclination. But this year, I would really like to dress up both the inside & outside of the house for the season- pumpkins, cornstalks, maybe even a Scarecrow in the front yard. I just hope some of the less pleasant boys in the neighborhood will respect our home & leave the stuff alone.


Charity said...

It's funny to think of you planting things in your garden. Up here, it's frozen the last few nights, and my garden is all finished for the year.

Texas Mammie said...

I'll tell you in this smaller venue - I should be deported.
Not allowed to vote.
Made to pay cash for everything.
No driver's license for me.
I only got 6 out of 10 right.




Texas Mammie said...

I'm not sure what advice you're asking for. Your page appears to have valid links to other spaces, so I'm assuming that you figured it out? If not, I'll be glad to help anyway I can.

Side note..."some of the less pleasant boys in the neighborhood"???
You're so nice about it.
I'd call them "those little
%(&*=%$&*^*'s that live down the street".