Monday, October 23, 2006

At the tone, please leave a message

Deadline looming + boss is back from vacation with "some wonderful ideas"+ need batteries in camera to download promised pictures + really have to take a nap at lunch, since I'm seeing double & hearing things = meg can't come to the blog right now, but she will return at her ealiest convenience. Thank You for dropping by "meg's garden" & have a nice day!

I finally got the pictures of the 2nd pair of clogs & the Fixation socks posted in my "Knitting Projects" album- at least I got one thing I wanted to do today!


Stefaneener said...

I should post something like that on my forehead.

Take care!

Charity said...

Those are really great looking clogs! I can't wait until my Christmas knitting is done, so I can start some of my own! :0)

Tulabell said...

What a great idea!