Wednesday, August 06, 2008

There goes another one- Part Two




Okay~ this totally cracked me up (what do you think, ladies- too close to the truth, maybe?)

So, let’s see~ I left off on Wednesday, right?

Well, Thursday was a peach also. We had a staff meeting first thing in the morning (crikey- I hate 7:30 meetings) & the CEO announced that the previous day, he had laid off three people- one from each department, except accounting (Thank you, Lord).


Our entire company only has nineteen employees~ that’s a 16% cut in staffing (sorry, I’m an numbers geek- I can’t help myself); to say things were a little grim around the water cooler would be an understatement of the first magnitude. Everyone is a bit on edge, despite assurances of our financial stability & that these were proactive measures to cut expenses; human nature being what it is, I hear a lot of grumbling. The truth is, it wasn’t as bad as all that- one person had already given notice & was just cut loose a week early, & another was on extended medical leave & volunteered to be the one laid off (she is such a sweetie & fortunate enough to not really have to work.) Also, we are more fortunate than most; our institution hasn’t gone into the home mortgage business, so we aren’t facing dissolution like some; what we’ve been experiencing are the residual effects- consumer loan defaults, like autos & credit cards, plus a rash of bankruptcies.

The evening was spent at choir practice; we had a whole month off from rehearsals, as well as a break from doing two services, but it was still hard to get back into the routine- especially with a 2 ½ hour practice L There is lots of new music coming up with the church’s 75th anniversary celebration in September & October, followed quickly by the annual Christmas program. I am seriously considering a sabbatical from music ministry after the first of the year; for a while now, I’ve been feeling unmotivated- the music doesn’t inspire me & rehearsals have become an obligation, so I think it’s time for a break.

Friday way all about running around: knitting group; drive a carload to tricking practice (think Jackie Chan/Jet Li- choreographed “fights” with flips, jumps, twists, etc); drive back for tennis lessons (which were cancelled- thanks for the call, John); back to tricking; over to pick up Chris from the bus; stop for a burger; drive the carload home, via the pizza place; then finally home to fall asleep watching “Jeeves & Wooster”. Sad part is- it won’t change that much when Sam has his license- he can’t drive with anyone under 18 in the car (without a licensed driver over 25) for 12 months, so either we’re up or the others find their own way- I don’t want to put too much temptation in Sam’s path.

Saturday was Chris’ birthday; he had to work all day (it’s now been 2 weeks since he’s had a day off), so I fielded telephone calls for him (he left his cell phone at home) put in 3 hours at the office, then to the gym, grocery store, post office, & library. We had a late-ish dinner at Famous Dave’s & gave him a couple gift cards- Sear*s & Star*bucks- before sending him off to sleep.

Sunday, I was all by myself; Sam went to a birthday party at a place called Sky High Sports- the pictures are scary, but he only pulled a couple muscles- so I indulged in a visit to the fabric store (a necessity, really- I needed one skein of yarn to finish Chris’ vest & needed fabric for an apron swap due Sept 1st), a lunch of Banana Crème Oreos & iced tea, & an afternoon nap with the girls. I think that was the appropriate way to end a week of trauma, drama, & over-schedulingness, don’t you?


Carrie said...

Oh yeah. That picture pretty much sums it up.
And uh, banana creme oreos? Never heard of them. Are they new? Oh. Lord help me.

Dory said...

Lunch of banana cream oreos and a nap sound PERFECT to me! Sheesh... what a week!

Lisa said...

I actually do hope you take a break from music ministry, Meg ~ especially if it's feeling more and more like an obligation. (And the holiday season can be a big meanie bear about music ministry busy-ness). Happy Birthday to Chris!