Monday, August 11, 2008

The Finish Line


Yippee & Hooray for me~ close is done for another month & 5 days ahead of schedule! While I certainly have plenty to do around work- filing, pre-emptive work on escheat reporting, boxing up records, as well as the regular A-to-Z daily duties- being free of looming deadlines makes me feel a bit giddy.

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I am also experiencing a lightening of my personal commitment load- this morning, I mailed off my official letter of resignation from the choir, effective September 1st. I was originally planning to wait until the first of the year, but after listening to a speech given to new choir members by the director Thursday, & finding I’m not scheduled to lead worship for several weeks, confirmed to me that it was time to step away.

After nearly 20 years in music ministry, it is going to seem strange to sit in the congregation on Sunday mornings, being lead instead of leading others, but I have peace over the situation.

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In other news from around the Garden, I heard from my daughter last week; she called my cell during the funeral (thank goodness I remembered to turn off the ringer) & left a message. I called her when I got back to the office & she filled me in on her life. She left the ambulance company & is now selling *ahem* vacuum cleaners (if she calls on you, just remember- I did not give her your name!) I didn’t ask & she didn’t tell- but impulse is her “modus operandi”.

The big news is that she has moved in with her boyfriend of 8 months, G. We have not met G, but the fact that he has stuck out nearly a year with Jess speaks volumes about his capacity for commitment- she is not an easy person to get along with. I am of two minds here: my moral-side says that they should wait until marriage to cohabitate; while my parent-side is relieved that she is under the protection of a man committed to her, as opposed to finding another roommate on Craigs*list.

We were able to talk about all of this without anyone getting defensive, & while she doesn’t share my convictions, she acknowledges that I have her welfare at heart & is willing to listen to my advice. G wants to have us over for dinner next month, once they get settled in, so I will have the opportunity form my own impressions about the plausibility of their future together. I know that it is an antiquated view & completely contrary to both my own upbringing & that of my daughter, but I really want to see her married, settled with a strong, moral man who will care for & shelter her- not only from the harshness of the world, but from her own impulsive nature.

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Finally, we are all wrapped up in the Olympics; I am not a sports fan for the most part, but when the Games come around, every evening, you will find me in my recliner, cheering on my favorites.

This year includes a new element- The Ravelympics. I, along with several thousand other members of Ravelry, have joined teams, entered events, & are knitting/crocheting/spinning our way to virtual medals rewarding our efforts.

I have joined Team OAYPP- that is “Overly Ambitious Yet Plausibly Possible”




Is that me or what?!

I’ve entered five events with seven projects:

Felted Freestyle- I’m making a hat

Home Stuff Hammer throw- 2 washcloths

Gift Knits Pentathlon- 2 dishtowels

Pets Pommel Horse- felted cat toys

WIP (Work-In-Progress) Wrestling- finishing socks for my MIL

The objective is cast on & complete all projects (with the exception of the WIP’s) in the 17 days between the Opening & Closing Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. The local yarn shop owner is hosting her own version, so we had a casting-on party Friday evening, with drinks (water, wine, & Gator*ade), snacks, & last minute sign-ups; despite having a full house of normally gregarious women, it was eerily quiet all evening, each “athlete” plotting their strategy or feverously counting stitches.

So, if you are looking for me over the next 12 days (notice the counter to the upper right on my Blogspot page), I’ll be parked before the television, needles flying, & enjoying the spectacle from China.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you heard from your daughter. I've loosely been following the story of her and from the sounds of it, you are glad she contacted you again.
You always motivate me to pull out my crocheting and get moving on a project. Any project :)

Anonymous said...

What I meant was..."I am glad" she contacted you. Obviously YOU are glad she did. :)

Dana said...

So glad you got to hear from your daughter. I know how hard it is, we both have this strained relationship with our grown children in common.

I understand completely the being of two minds...I long for that 'protection' in my daughter's life as well.

Hope you win some gold in the Ravelympics!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I've been catching a little of the Olympics too--love the swimming events!

Lisa said...

O, Mrs. Meg. The olympics make me want to watch things i would normally have absolutely no interest in at all. Unless I was doing it myself. Kayaking? Beach Volleyball? Normally wouldn't watch it to save my life. But. You know. It's the *Olympics*. ;) Good for Jess for checking in with you and I'll be sending you lots and lots of good thoughts as you guys negotiate what Jess living with her boyfriend is going to look like. ;)

suzee said...

I continue to hold you as an excellent mentor for parenting the big'uns! You're amazing. It shows what a great job you're doing when she calls you to talk about tough stuff like that.

Good on you for the other stuff, too! Have fun with the knitting!