Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Running around in my head...

Not much in the way of cognitive narrative at the moment- all my cranial synapse seem to be tied up in processing escheat reports- so I will fall back on the old standby, the bullet entry.

b          The Homecoming football game was a success- West won against #2 ranked Stagg High 28-27. Attendance was low because of a threat of rain (it did for a very short time- long enough for a few dozen screaming teenaged girls to make it into the bathroom for cover), but it was exciting nonetheless. As we figured, Sam wasn’t chosen for class royalty, but the Juniors tied the Seniors in the float competition (personally, I think it was rigged!); I was ditched by my son (big surprise) so he could sit with the Spirit Club, but he did bring me a hotdog & drink just before halftime.

b          Chris made it home late Saturday night- around 11:00 pm- after having traveled all day; he was cold, tired, & frustrated at not getting enough things done on this trip, so the best thing for him was a stiff shot of Glenfiddich, a hot shower, & a good night’s sleep in his own bed. He only had one day off before going back to his shop, but the next couple of weeks will be short; he has maxed out his vacation accrual again & will have to take some days so as not to lose his earned vacation time. It will work out well because it will be our turn to host the next “House to House” dinner in two weeks; since he missed out on all the prep & cleaning last time (if you remember, he returned from Texas the evening before our dinner in April), he gets to take charge of everything for November. We’ll be having the carpets cleaned week after next, so he & Sam will be cleaning out the fireplace, furnace ductwork, & the popcorn ceilings beforehand.

b          My sewing machine & I have been spending a lot of quality time together lately. It has been coming back to me the things I love about sewing, as well as the things I don’t. I haven’t mentioned this before, but sewing was how I supplemented the family income for a number of years- from early in my first marriage until about 10 years ago. I learned to sew in junior high, first in Home Economics, then taking a couple summer school sessions after my Mother bought a new machine. I started out making my square dancing dresses, which really honed my skills, but mostly dabbled for several years. When I was pregnant with my first child, I made everything- maternity clothes, bedding, baby clothes- since I was a stay home mom on a strict budget. As my friends started having babies, I was asked to make thing for them; eventually, I got a part-time job at the local fabric store & ended up getting a lot of work from customers who wanted something made, but didn’t actually sew. When my first marriage failed, I was able to get on full-time as a department coordinator, but still needed the side work to make ends meet; I worked for the same company off & on for nearly 10 years, before hanging up my shears to work in the financial industry. To be honest, I was pretty burned out by then; other then an occasional call from someone who remembered that I sewed or a hem in need of repair, my machines (yes, that is plural- at one point, 3 sewing & 2 sergers) lay dormant, among stacks of fabric, patterns & notions that I collected over my career. That changed when we started the Quilting Circle last fall & then began volunteering as a docent at Ravenswood; usually two evening a week, I work on one of the quilts or my wardrobe pieces for an hour or two. I’ve also been spending time (& money) in the fabric store; even Chris has noticed that the fabric stacks are starting to spread around the house again. Fortunately for me, this was how Chris was raised- his mom is a seamstress & crafter from way back- so he takes it all in stride; he’s just glad he isn’t being called in as the dressmakers dummy as when he was younger (he & his mom are the same size in almost every way- height, weight, even shoe size!)

Well, That’s all I have time for right now; I’ve got to take Poppy over for her annual check-up tonight, & then get more prep work done for my last quilt technique class tomorrow night. Hope you all have a restful evening & can take a walk to enjoy the Autumn weather.


Dana said...

What a gift...my mother sewed all my clothes as a child. I hated it then, but so love and respect her for it now. She was a single mother making ends meet in whatever way she could. I wish I had learned...there are so many things I would like to make.

Thanks for the lovely post!

Tammy :):):) said...

Hey Meg! Popped in to see what you were up to. Looks busy here. I can sew a straight line! Does that earn me any points? My Aunt was the seamstress for us when I was growing up. And she was not the type to want to learn from. So, when I helped sew my skirt and chemise a month or so ago, P's skirt a week ago and I have my jacket turned into a bodice to finish up... well, I'm on the proud side. hehe
Go Sam! And I am SO envious of the winter garden... my Dad brouht some turnip seeds for the children to sew a couple of weekends ago. Not that I'm a big turnip fan. But it's something green during this down time.
Looking forward to the weekend... hope you are too!

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

How great that you're finding time to sew again! I love to sew too & I'm trying to do the same - find more time for sewing projects. I use to make lots of outfits & long ago I also sewed all my maternity clothes! Now I make mostly pillows & purses & still sew on my very first sewing machine which is now 36 years old!

Enjoy your day!