Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bloggy Blessings

We have once again been keeping our local mail carrier & the Fed*Ex guy busy earning their meager salaries, & risking life & limb to deliver packages to the wilds of Central California suburbia. Through my involvement in Ravelry (have I mentioned how much I enjoy Ravelry? No? Don’t worry, I’m certain I will), I’ve joined a mitten swap & a read/knit along, so of course, I’ve had to purchase some yarn & the books (we’re reading the entire “Anne of Green Gables” series.) While visiting Esty to see some of my friends’ offerings, I found homemade, custom-scented laundry detergent & the cutest little stitch marker sets, so a little Christmas shopping for my knitting friends ensued. Then was my search for pre-1930’s vintage women’s magazines & shoes for my Crissy doll (a girl can’t have just one pair of shoes, especially if they are orange), oh, & a new winter coat... my husband is a patient & understanding man.

But the best things that have arrived recently have been from blogging friends around the country. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating; I was fortunate & blessed to fall into a community of sweet, caring, & generous people when I began this adventure in cyber-journaling & relationships. Here are just a few examples:


This lovely woman’s kilt was sent to me by Cindy of Superior Living; she was clearing out some clothing, remembered that we are involved in Scottish dancing, & offered it to me, for myself or anyone else it might fit. It was definitely too small for me, so I took it to class last Friday & donated it, on Cindy’s behalf, to the club “closet”; it has been loaned out to Anna, one of our faithful performer, until she outgrows it.


This was a gift from a new blog friend, Dana at Ventage Inklings. I came across her site during the “Make Mine Pink” tea party last month & left a birthday greeting- she, Robb, & my youngest brother all share a birth date; next thing I know, Dana is sending me a gift.


This last collection is from my friend Mrs. Staggs at A Happy Miscellany. She was having a “Pay it Forward” giveaway & I was the lucky winner. What you are seeing is a handmade cornucopia, filled with paper flowers, two pair of scented beeswax candles, glass candlesticks & a charming serving dish, two tea towels with vintage lace, & a whimsical twine-dispensing crow. Now I have a Autumn vignette, worthy of some of my favorite lurking spots throughout the “Cottage Blogs”; thank you again, Lena~ you are a peach (or maybe a pumpkin- more appropriate for the season, I think.) If you haven’t visited Merryville yet, do yourself a favor & drop by soon; it is one of the most soothing, gently kind places I’ve ever been. (Jane, if you think I’m mellow- check out Mrs. Staggs!)

Well, I knew it was too good to last; after just over five months being home, Chris is being sent off to Orlando on Tuesday for at least two weeks. One nice thing about the trip this time: Robb is now living in Orlando & actually works right across the highway from the shop where Chris will be, so they will get to spend some time together. I know these trips are no picnic for Chris- a lot of hard work, in unfamiliar, poorly equipped facilities, living in a trailer, & subsisting on fast food or cans of soup after 12 hour days- but the timing is pretty fortuitous financially. The crazy overtime of the summer has suddenly dropped off & gas prices have gotten ridiculously high, so I was prepared to feel the pinch of a short pay-period; now between the extra hours rushing to get the other shop back into shape & no commuting costs for two weeks, the budget might even have a little surplus.

The only stinky part is Chris is going to miss Homecoming Week. “Big deal”, you say? Well, it is a bit of one this year; our darling son has signed on as a Powder Puff cheerleader- uniform, dance moves, & all- and has been nominated for Junior Class Royalty. He doesn’t think he’ll be elected; as he said, he’s not a jock or a class officer- he just flies around a bit under the radar, so not many people know who he is- but I’ll be picking up a new suit for him just in case. I’ve assured Chris that I will be there with camera & video, to catch all the proud moments- not to mention such great material to share with the future DIL & grandchildren.


Dana said...

I truly hope it blesses you as much as reading about your friends and family has blessed me!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh Meg, it all looks so lovely in the way that you've arranged it!
I'm glad that it all arrived safely.
Thanks for the kind words Meg. I appreciate them, and your visits too.
Take care.

Tammy :):):) said...

Can sympathize... my Dear Heart works an hour's commute away and then comes back into town to work at his own office, and so we hardly ever see him. Good news... a 10% raise. He's worth more, but good news anyway! And at least your hubby will have company close by! Keep the camera rolling. We always take a bunch of pics for Daddy!
Have a great weekend!

Paula said...

Meg, Just popped in to visit after reading your comment on the ANNE KAL about the Victorian Mittens. I see we have a lot in common. I used to be in a Scottish Country Dance group when we lived elsewhere but now the closest one I know of is nearly a 2 hour drive. So about 10 years ago I took up playing the bagpipes instead. Still miss the dancing though but realistically it would be hard to fit both into my life and still have room for my other interests.

Amy said...

Ah, royalty...what fun. I would be sad to miss that too!

My goodness have you a collection from your bloggity friends. I've never signed up for a swap as I am terrible about sending things in the fun!

I hope your week is great Meg!