Wednesday, September 13, 2006

They are finished!

The clogs are finished, felted & dried, and they turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. I have already started on another pair for Sam. I've posted the photos in the Knitting Projects album.
It's a little hard to tell in the "before" picture, but they were huge! They ended up over 18 inches long, with a very open weave & no body (I stuffed it with paper to show the shape its suppose to be); everyone in group said the same thing; "Wow! Are you sure those are going to fit?" (How's that for sisterly encouragement!) I put them in the washer for over 30 minutes & sweated it out- first, I was afraid they won't shrink enough; then I was worried they would be too small! All that is left to do is put some kind of gripper material on the bottom. I'm going to try this stuff we put on the suede soles of our ghillies (creatively called "Shoe Goo") which keeps the fabric flexible but has great sticking power- I mean, I'd hate to see Chris go sliding across the kitchen floor when he sneaks in to get ice cream in the middle of the night!
I haven't talked about the garden lately. As I was telling Tani, I finally got all the plants I bought back in July & August for the front bed in the ground- so far, nothing has died but it still looks a little sparse. My crazy white dahlia is still kicking out blossoms, though each one gets smaller; but since they started out dinner-plate sized, they are not really all that small! I was planning on planting in reds, oranges & yellows for fall, but somehow ended up back with pink, fushia & purple. The vegetables are doing well; the "kudzu" Lemon Cucumber as taken off across the lawn, & is putting out 6 or 7 a week; the string beans I thought I was going to have to pull up & start over are finally producing some tasty beans; & my bell pepper, while they look funnny (more like chilies then bells) taste good & don't cook up slimey. I'm off to farmer's market for honey & walnuts, then to knitting to work on a new pair of socks for me!

Just to let everyone know, I now have dual-citizenship at MSN Spaces & Blogger- I will be posting the same entries on both pages, though Blogger is stripped down until I figure out pictures. No, I'm not leaving Spaces- I like the things I can do here, I haven't had the problems many others have had, & I like being a part of this community. I only do this so my blogging friends who do have problems with Spaces can visit (it does load much faster, but not as many options to novices like me) You can find me also at have a great evening!


Texas Mammie said...

Glad to see you here, it's sooo much easier for me to comment.
I've been dying to see the clogs - they are too cute. I didn't recognize them in the before picture!
I taught myself to knit about 20 years ago, then decided it wasn't working for me and haven't gone back to it.
Recently, while cleaning out a back closet, I found a baby sweater kit for knitting. It's so cute that I may take try it again this winter.
See, you are an ispiration to somebody!

Texas Mammie said...
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