Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Five Things

This tag has been going around for a while, so I according to Michelle, it is now my turn.
Name 5 things in your freezer:
1. Organic Blueberry Waffles- from Costco, no corn syrup or trans fats
2. Large salmon fillet- great sale
3. Pecans from Texas- the last Christmas shipment from my Granddaddy
4. Several ice packs in different sizes- my boys are accident prone
5. 4 cans of Apple-Cranberry Juice- my favorite
Name 5 things in your closet:
1. A stack of LP albums- mostly John Denver
2. Barbie doll case, full of clothes & dolls- yes, there are mine!
3. The topper from my wedding cake- a bride & groom painted to look like us, but with Asian facial features (long, funny story)
4. My Grandmother's journals from 1928 thru 1932
5. The christening gown my Mother had made for my family when my fisrt child was born
Name 5 things on your desk:
1. Pictures of my husband & children
2. 4 foam rubber stress toys- a cow, a sun, a smiley face, & a globe of the Earth
3. A silk potted geranium- I have to have some color
4. A tea mug that says "It's good to be Queen"
5. A Magic Eight Ball- "Will this be the day I flip out & quit?"
Name 5 things in your vehicle:
1. A pocket-sized copy of Jane Austin's "Pride & Prejudice"
2. Lots of CD's- mostly the Browne Sisters, Alastair Fraser, & choir/ensemble pieces in progress
3. Tote bag with dance ghillies, socks, class schedule, gum, mints, & a dance pillings (descriptions for the figures for many popular dances)
4. 2 fleece throws, so I can take a nap in my car at lunch time
5. A "Grape Harvest" sachet from Bed, Bath & Beyond- I transport a lot of teenage boys & the smell...
Name 5 things in your purse:
1. 2 mini sewing kits, with lots of safety pins
2. A package of Airborne- I will not get sick this year!
3. Tea bags & sweetener
4. A small notebook- books I want to read, things I want to buy, movies recommended, garden or room plans, whatever flashes t

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