Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's Over!


I cannot tell you how glad I am that this election is over- contentious, vicious, duplicitous, deceptive, posturing jackanapes- and that was just the media!

Seriously though, no matter what your feelings are about the outcome (no, I’m not telling who I voted for- I don’t talk politics & my choice is nobody’s business but mine) it is time to put the campaign rhetoric & partisan politics aside, joining together as a nation to support this man as he takes on the most difficult job in the world, President of the United States. If you don’t think it is tough, just look at some of the “before & after” photos of our former leaders- they age much more than the 4 to 8 years they serve in office.



Wouldn’t you know it: just one day after completing the unclaimed property reporting (safely with in the deadline, thank-you-very-much) & heading into the first of the month craziness- not one, but two separate auditing organizations turned up for our annual checkup. What was already going to be a hectic short week (because I’m headed off to the wilds of Kentucky on Friday) has turned into a three-ring circus, complete with dancing elephants & creepy frenetic clowns. Honestly, I’ve had two simultaneous conference calls going on, while trying to answer email questions, collate data lists, & locate billings from last December.  I swear- if my supervisor comes by my desk to ask, “So, how’s it going?”




I will not be responsible for my actions.



The physical therapy is going well- I’m able to straighten my arm much further & the strength is slowing increasing- but no answers on surgery as of yet. The ortho specialist wants to “wait & see” a few more months, taking x-rays periodically to track any changes in the damaged area. I’m okay with the “not going under the knife right before Christmas” part, but I am a bit concerned that further degeneration of the area will nullify any potential improvement the surgery might bring me. The doctor essentially “pooh-poohed” my apprehensions (have I mentioned that she doesn’t have much of a “bedside manner”?) but my therapist has told me she wants to continue seeing me at least monthly to monitor my condition.

Okay, I really need to get busy- I have work to get done, laundry to finish, stuff to pack- & I’ve been hanging around here stalling long enough. Have a wonderful few days & I’ll be checking in after I return on Sunday.



Debbie said...

Great little snippets. Glad the therapy is going well. I am very unobservant but did you get a blog makeover? It's looks great - either way!

nikkicrumpet said...

Have a safe trip....and lay off the poor clowns...they always get such a bad rap lol.....hmmmmmm...I think I just got an idea for a post hehehe

GardenGoose said...

love the caption on the photo here. hey just wanted to stop by and visit for a minute. ..and to wish you a lovely weekend.

Becca said...

Have fun.

Lisa said...

Still praying for the arm. I'm glad the election is over, too. In fact, after I turned in my ballot, I closed it off from my brain. Didn't watch the election covering. And completely agree with you about this being the hardest job ever.

Natalie said...

thanks for stopping by my blog sista!

i too am glad the election is over and i just love your cartoons!

Aubrey said...

Hang in there! I loved the cute little pix throughout your post.

Joisey said...

I agree with your take on politics. Thank God it's over. I'm sorry I've not been around in a while. Life is getting in the way of this thing called blogging. I try but I don't seem to be all that successful. Glad your arm is getting better, tho!

Jen said...

I hope you are now home safe and sound. You are such a special person and dear friend.

Anonymous said...

I know, so glad the election is over!!! I can't stand all the backstabbing, he-said, she-said nonsense.

Meaghan said...

Stopping by to say hi and invite you to this weeks coffee giveaway!