Saturday, July 12, 2008

Watch out for the "Whaaambulance"!


Oh, my~ am I glad that week is over!

First there was the current heat wave- the temperatures have been from 100˚ to 110˚ all week. Everything is dry as tinder, water & electricity restrictions are in place, & my poor veggies are wilting, despite twice daily watering (by hand, with conserved bath & wash water.)

Then there was a resurgence of wild fires & traveling smoke that has blanketed the valley, striking everyone with burning eyes & congestion. Go to this link to see the current situation (which is dire); note that of the 35 or so fires burning across the US, 22 are in California alone. Earnest prayers on behalf of all the exhausted & overextended firefighters are needed.

Of a more personal nature, the air conditioning in my office has been virtually non-functional since Monday; it works until around 11:00 am, & then shuts down for the rest of the afternoon. By 1:00 pm, the office temperature is 87˚ & climbing; Thursday, I finally got permission to close up at 1:00 pm- a tough call, since it was payday for the worksite-based branch- & move operations back to the main branch for the remainder of the day. Oy- you should have heard the abusive messages that were left on our answering machine! I spent most of Friday explaining that it wasn’t just because we were severely uncomfortable- the computers couldn’t handle the temps either & were shutting down.

Tuesday was the day my car died & I had to wait outside for 45 minutes until AAA could get there; the battery was a seriously dead duck (he couldn’t even jump-start me- as soon as the cable was removed, it died again), so $100 later, I have a new one with an 84 month guarantee. Wednesday, my transmission started dragging & making ominous noises as I drove to the Garden Club meeting; Chris replaced the filter & fluid the next day, & it seems to be okay for now. Oh, did I mention that my extended warranty expired last week? Yep, they time that stuff pretty well.

To cap off a wonderful week all the way around, Friday morning, as I was watering my lemon tree (which is thankfully blooming again- the last heat wave caused all the newly set fruit to shrivel up & drop off), a wasp took exception to my activities, stinging the middle & ring fingers on my right hand. Son of a baked biscuit- that really hurt! My fingers were swollen for about 8 hours & I loaded up on antihistamines just in case.

The saving grace of the week was…uh, maybe it was…no…ummm…wait, I’ll think of something…well, I guess I’ll need a little more time to find the silver lining.

Okay, pity party over; I’m going to my recliner to knit & watch my DVD- The Vicar of Dibley, hysterically funny & highly recommended.


Dory said...

Holy moly Meg! You poor thing!

I am TERRIFIED of wasps and probably would have had a stinkin' heart attack if I'd been stung by a wasp!! Bless your heart.

I'll be praying next week will be much nicer for you! You deserve it! :)

VENTL8R said...

Holy sheepdip, girl! I bet you were glad to write this one off....

Junie Moon said...

Oh my, what a time you've had for sure. Knitting while watching a fun movie sounds like the perfect antidote. I hope all is better now.

paintinpatti said...

Hi Meg,
What a fun person you are! My husband is a retired CA firefighter so we keep close watch on CA fires. SCARY! CA has been way too hot and dry for far to long. I think I'll rent Vicar of Dibley since you recommend it! Happy Summer! Patti

Shanna said...

Thanks for coming by and giving your opinion...I feel very much the same and am glad I'm not alone in this debate! It's husband is a Marine so it's going to be an upward battle I'm afraid. At least it's something to think about and have a few new points to make to him - I was running out of my own! ;)